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Hi there,
A quick email just to show my gratitude really. Basically when I was
younger I suffered really badly with acne and after loads of research
and expensive dermatology consultations I came to the conclusion that
milk was having a detrimental effect on my skin, this was not a good
outcome for some who enjoys going to the gym trying to build muscle as
a lot of the protein supplements contain whey. For years I lived it
fear that taking a whey supplement was effecting my spots but I
couldn't give up the gym (my passion) just because I was making my face
look a mess? Well, the thought crossed my mind several times and it was
making me unhappy, knowing that one of the things I loved was effecting
my life so dramatically is like a viscous circle that I wouldn't wish upon anyone.
I just wish I'd discovered your products sooner! Your trek bars and
protein flapjacks are incredible, not only can I eat them in abundance
and have the piece of mind they won't break me out but they taste
awesome and are full of good calories that keep me going throughout my
job and then on to the gym! I've got a carpet and upholstery cleaning
business and recently set up and tile and stone restoration cleaning
business so my jobs are very physical and having so something tasty and
nutritious to grab quickly on the go is an absolute pleasure!
So thanks again for creating such a great product and if there's
anything I can do to repay you guys by helping market your product to
get more people involved then I'd be more than happy to do it! You
never know there might be a few people out three who are like I was?

Thanks for your time


Nakd Bars are now officially the greatest thing ever to be created (in the food business, anyway)!!!

But, wow. I stopped and looked at the ingredients on the pecan pie bar and my jaw dropped open. Really?! Only dates, almonds and cashews? Three of my favourite things smushed together into a handy little bar? This can't be right! So I bought with the feeling that it will probably taste bad and I'll never buy it again...

Oh no. I think I will most definitely be buying again. And again. And, most likely, again.

You people are so awesome that I can't adequately express right now how much I love you strangers and your amazing products. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making great food.

 Lots of love, your new fan, Katie



My 12 year old son is dairy free and finding tasty dairy free snacks can be an absolute nightmare - picked up a box of your Berry Delight bars in Sainsburys yesterday and totally loved them - opens up a whole new world!


Kind Regards


Sian and Cam

I have just received my order of 21 nakd bars! They look truly wonderful. My vegan friend told me about them and said to try the Apple Pie flavour... and WOW! I read through the ingredients and couldn't find 'essence of Christmas' anywhere. Nor did it say 'a pinch of magic', but i'm sure that was in there somewhere too. ;)
Anywho, I just thought I'd tell you how happy I am, especially as my Freebie was in fact an Apple Pie flavoured Nakd bar.

It's ever so lovely having a healthy, no nonsense snack for in between my meals - they really hit the spot! Tomorrow's flavour will be Cashew Cookie... I can't wait. :)


LOVE the new flavours of Nakd bars – awesome!


"Dear Natural Balance Foods,I was in ASDA the other day and I got the chance to buy some of your Nākd infused Raisins.I must say, WOW, I was very impressed they were delicious and truly tasted like ColaIf I had children, this would be the snack I’d feed them. For now I will enjoy them as a 26 year old man-child.  Thanks again for Tasty Raisins"


"Had a lovely surprise in the post this morning, a heavy parcel laden with goodies from you. Thank you so much for all of the bars and packets, some of which I’ve not seen before can't wait to try the banana bread bar and cocoa orange one, also the flavoured raisins. I promoted the cocoa loco bars at the Bristol surf show a couple of months back...there was a stall selling other bars and I always carry a Nākd bar, so I got it out to show them and told them how good they are,i also did this at a weight watchers meeting! I will continue to carry them in my bag and fill up whenever needed, after surfing ,between sports massages,kitesurfing or cycling...I now have enough to keep me going for a good while...thank you."


"I wanted to thank you for the yummy freebies which you placed in my order in December. The extra raisins really did make my day when I received them and I'm enjoying the bars I ordered as well - they are absolutely amazing for skiing because they cope well with the cold so I've been taking them with me on my holidays as well as enjoying them at work. I'll be ordering again!"


"I just wanted to say a quick thanks to you all. I've just received the order we placed at the weekend which is very, very quick (so thank you). However, most of all, I wanted to say thanks for the extra freebies - brilliant idea. I think your company and the products you sell are brilliant (I particularly like the friendly notes all over your packaging which make people feel all warm and fuzzy when they eat your Nākd bars) but now I know that the customer service lives up to all that you stand for as well! A great company - and one that I'll certainly recommend."

Sharon & Mark

"Like many of the people who have written to you, I don’t usually contact companies or post things on websites – but I too absolutely love your products, and your “Oatie” bars in particular both get me through the day and make my day! I am now eating a healthy diet and have made life-style changes for the sake of my health, and giving up chocolate was painful at first! Now I’d much rather eat a “Cocoa Loco” – or any of your products. Please don’t ever stop making them! I’ve lost weight, I feel great, and I’m eating fantastic nakd food! With grateful thanks"