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6 Brilliant Gym Ideas

Six Brilliant Gym Class Ideas

Done with dumbbells? Tired of treadmills? Here are 6 gym class ideas for you to try which are fum, energetic and totally good for you.

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Rainbow Foods Part 1

What is a Rainbow Diet? Part 1

Our nutritionist Lucy-Ann takes an in-depth look into rainbow diets to give you advice on the coloured foods you should be eating.

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Gluten Free Meal Plan

Gluten free meal plan

Our fantastic gluten-free meal plan is balanced to meet your everyday nutritional needs. Written by our expert nutritionist Lucy-Ann Prideaux.

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7 Food Myths

7 Food Myths Cleared Up!

There's a lot of confusion surrounding food, we clear up a few common food myths about carbs, proteins, microwaves and 'low-fat- foods.

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Grow Vegetables

Easy to grow vegetables

Planting delicious organic veggies in your garden is easier than you may think! Here are some of the simpler types you can try for yourself:

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Benefits of Smiling

Top 5 Benefits of Smiling!

Smile and the world smiles with you! Find out why flashing those pearly whites makes us, and those around us feel so good!

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