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There’s nothing worse than reaching into your rucksack with a hungry hand to find a crumpled sandwich at lunchtime. Well, fear not, for we have the resolution with our Nakd lunchbox which will prevent lunchtime disappointment!

Allow Nakd to brighten up you lunch break

Nakd lunchboxes are a fantastic, environmental-friendly alternative to the plastic bags and disposable packaging widely used. Additionally, creating your own lunch is often a much healthier option in comparison to the pre-packaged sandwiches which are often littered with sugars and salts. Make up your favourite salad or wholefood meal, pack it into the lunchbox and enjoy at the desk (or outside). Don’t forget to throw in a Nakd bar for a treat too!

So, what’s so great about it?

The Nakd lunchbox comes with snap shut hinges which ensure the contents of the box are firmly sealed, preventing bag leaks. You can even microwave the lunchbox for warmer dishes in those chilly winter months. Be sure to wash the box regularly – after every meal if you can.

Why do we love the Nakd Lunch Box?

We work to minimise the utilisation of natural resources and strive to do all we can to protect this beautiful planet. Exchanging disposable plastic bags for something more permanent and reusable helps this process, and even if these gestures appear small, they do make a difference to the planet’s future.

Visit our Discover More section to read about all the other causes we believe in. If you’re looking for health and dietary tips, then head to our blog which is brimming with tips on everything from fitness to meal plans and sport. If you’re a fan of the Nakd lunchbox, why not take a look at the Nakd travel mug too?

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