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What are Antioxidants?

As healthy eating continues to take centre stage, antioxidants are always mentioned, but what are they? Why are they good for us and what different types are there? So many questions...

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veganuary hacks

Seven super vegan food hacks!

Looking for some vegan food hacks? Well, look no further as we have put together some of our favourite shortcuts so that you can eat vegan the clever way!

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Wheat Free Diet

Should you go on a wheat free diet?

A wheat free diet sounds daunting, but did you know there are dozens of health benefits to giving up wheat? Read more about wheat free diets here.

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Vegan Sources of Calcium

Dairy-Free Food Alternatives

Looking for dairy-free alternatives for common foods? Want to make a cake or find alternate calcium-rich foods? Our nutritionist, Lucy-Ann has some great ideas we think you should check out!

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Free Weights or Machines?

If you're looking to lift weights, you will have to choose between using machines, or dumbbells and bars. But which ones should you choose? Well, lets take a look...

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Banana- Foods to eat Before a Workout

Metabolism boosting foods

Did you know that you can boost your metabolism based on what you eat? Well, its true! Our expert nutritionist, Lucy-Ann is here to let us know more...

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