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Cherries Great Post Workout Foods

Great post-workout foods

Ever wondered why fitness fans choose to snack on protein bars and snacks? After an effective workout your body needs to recover and that means eating the right foods.

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Wheat Free Diet

Should you go on a wheat free diet?

A wheat free diet sounds daunting, but did you know there are dozens of health benefits to giving up wheat? Read more about wheat free diets here.

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Understanding Food Labels

Understanding Food Labels – Part 1

'No added sugar'. 'Pure'. 'Reduced Fat'. What does it all actually mean? Our nutritionist Lucy-Ann Prideux explores what exactly the language on our food labels mean.

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7 Food Myths

Healthy Frozen Food Ideas

Find out how to get your intake of nutrients, proteins and vitamins in a fun cooler way in the heat and sunshine. These frozen treats are ideal for a refreshing cool down.

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Healthy in the Office

Keeping Healthy at the Office

Ahh, offices. Desk-snacking, lots of sitting and sometimes, stress. Hardly the healthiest environment in which to spend the bulk of your day! Let's find out some top tips of how to keep healthy . . .

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Exercise Recovery Smoothies - TREK Wholefoods

Foods for post-exercise recovery pt. 2

Find out how to concoct some top, quick and easy smoothie recipes to give you that boost you need after your workout.

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