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Carbohydrates: The good, the bad and the tasty

Carbohydrates, Good, Bad and Tasty

Carbohydrates have been getting a lot of attention recently by people who are looking to lose weight through dieting. For some, carbs are the thing to be avoided as much as possible and that even a single biscuit can have disastrous consequences. The truth is that carbohydrates are an important part of any diet, and while people certainly need to keep an eye out on how much they are eating, leaving them out of a diet is unnecessary and can even be counter-productive to weight loss goals.

Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy and typically come from sources such as sugar, bread, pasta, wheat and potatoes. So what’s the difference between a sandwich made of rye bread, and one made of white bread? What about potatoes, porridge and cereal bars?

These days, it can get confusing when choosing a healthy diet, but here at Natural Balance Foods we believe in our name, and that balance is the key to healthy eating.

So which is it? Are they good or bad?

The simple answer? They are both! Like any other type of food, too much of one type isn’t ideal and avoiding them completely can have negative effects.

The good:

Fruit and vegetables: Yes! Thankfully, fruit and veg is still good for us, and always will be. Eat as many vegetables as you like, and while fruit is still very healthy it is high in natural sugars so try not to eat too many (we are talking whole bowls). Whole grains are the holy grail of healthy carbs with foods like bran flakes, porridge, brown pasta, bread and rice making a great alternative to their white counterparts. They are known as ‘complex carbohydrates’ and have a lot more nutritional value, not to mention keeping hunger away for longer.

The less good (but still ok!)

Food such as white rice, bread and pasta are not ‘bad’ but having too many of them instead of their wholegrain counterparts isn’t ideal. Similarly, sweets, donuts, cakes, processed cereals and other foods are good for a treat but aren’t the best choices to include in your daily diet.

The tasty!

At the end of the day, it’s all about moderation. Eating wholegrain carbohydrates is definitely a healthier option but enjoying white toast is not the end of the world. At Natural Balance Foods, we love creating foods and snacks that are crammed with the good carbohydrates such as fruits and whole grains, tasting absolutely yummy and filling you for longer. Why not try out one our tasty cereal bars or our fruity Nakd Bars that not only give you one of your five a day, but satisfy sweet cravings in a totally guilt-free and delicious way.


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