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Foods that burn fat

foods that burn fat

Fat-burning foods are a commonly sought after commodity for their wizard-like properties. This wizardry is, in fact, a result of the certain food’s ability to help the body metabolise fat and burn calories. Nutritionist Lucy-Ann is on board to provide you with a culinary arsenal of the most effective fat-burners.   


Flaxseeds are a superb source of omega-3 fats, particularly ALA, which assists in navigating certain enzyme pathways with a proficient role in fat metabolism. Consuming essential fats allows a better fat burning process to trigger including a lessening of fat storage. The fibre in these seeds also allows a feeling of fulfilment to emerge after eating. Discover more of our favourite healthy superseeds here. 

Rye Bread

With low GI (Glycemic Index) and plentiful amounts of fibre, rye bread is proficient in controlling appetite and lowering glucose levels to encourage fat burning. Science has indicated that rye bread is an excellent filling food due to its appetite controlling qualities, use it to wipe out any hunger pangs you may be experiencing whether it’s part of your breakfast, lunch or a standalone snack.


Another food with a low GI, apples have a hefty dose of pectin which is a soluble fibre directly correlated to weight loss. Including a good volume of soluble fibre in your diet greatly helps you to gain control of your appetite, balance your blood sugars and encourage fat metabolism.

Protein Bars

Protein plays an essential role in enhancing the fat-burning process in the body. Our TREK Bars and New TREK Chunks are built in mind of providing those eating them with a hefty dose of protein, with a huge 9g per bar and even greater 12g per bag of TREK Chunks. Our bars are particularly favoured as a great post-workout food due to their convenient portability and hugely rewarding qualities. Check out our post full of ideas for protein snacks.

Now you’re a little more informed, why not start including these foods in your diet? Head over to our TREK page to discover more of our beautiful flavours and bars.


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