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Raw food diets: healthy snacking tips

Raw Food Tips

Following a raw food diet is in line with our principles when we come to making our scrumptious snacks and delicious bars - natural ingredients and no nonsense! All that nutty and fruity goodies are wrapped together purely without any of the unnecessary syrups and gloopy glazes which dominate other bars. So what are the benefits of eating food in its raw form? And why do people eat raw food in the first place? We've got it covered:

What is a raw food diet?

Essentially the message and aim of a raw food diet is to eliminate the detrimental effect which baking, heating and boiling can have on the nutrients within our foods - consuming food in its natural form is the healthiest avenue. Eating uncooked food is believed to offer you all the enzymes you require to absorb nutrients and maintain healthy digestion. The enzymes which materialise in raw food are killed off in the cooking process leaving our bodies having to work harder to digest by producing more enzymes. This can influence weight gain, digestion problems and other health concerns.

Raw Vs Cooked

Some foods are better digested in the cooked format over the raw approach. Mushrooms, parsnips and potatoes all require cooking in order to be eaten safely. Others require more attention in the process, vitamin C is ironed out in the presence of heat so it's advised not to overcook vegetables such as broccoli. Carrots are allowed to be cooked either way, heating them up actually encourages the vegetable to release an increased volume of beta carotene as it breaks the cellular walls which retain all those nutrients.

How to eat raw

By taking up this raw food diet, you'll reap many benefits including weight loss, increased energy levels and a healthy immune system. It also assists those who suffer a deficiency in any minerals or vitamins as an increased amount lie in the raw foods. Sound good? Let us give you some tips to getting started:


  • Soaking foods like seeds, nuts and beans before consuming helps release nutrients which enables your body to digest them easily. This is particularly effective when using cashew nuts and Mung beans.
  • Purchase your goods from farmer's markets or save money by growing them yourself. This helps avoid fruit and veg which have been sprayed by pesticides and chemicals. If you do buy from supermarkets, keep in mind that fruit and veg are rinsed in chlorine to obliterate bacteria - so give them a thorough wash before gobbling up!
  • The way you prep your raw food is a main factor contributing to the success of the diet. Chopping, soaking, peeling and blending or using dehydrators in exchange for ovens is a popular choice. The blender is a particularly useful tool on a raw food diet giving you countless opportunities and combinations.

So there you have it, you're well set on your way to taking on a raw food diet. Trust us, the changes you'll experience will be incredibly beneficial. Good luck!


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