Natural Balance Foods

The Rainbow Diet Meal Plan

Rainbow Meals

Here are just a few ideas for naturally colourful meals, making up an entire daily 'Rainbow Diet':


  • Greens and Blues - Avocado, watercress and blueberry smoothie
  • Reds, oranges and yellows - Slices banana, papaya and mango, topped with fresh pomegranate seeds


  • Reds, oranges and yellows - Carrot, tomato and red chilli soup, with a baked sweet potato and radicchio salad
  • All greens - Salad of baby spinach and lamb's lettuce, with avocado, pumpkin seeds, chopped cucumber, sliced courgette and green olives


  • White - white bean hummus with raw cauliflower florets
  • Green - Nori seaweed wraps filled with sliced avocado, alfalfa and sliced cucumber


  • White and purple - Stir fry of onion, garlic, mushrooms, purple sprouting brocolli, red and white cabbage, with mixed white beans and kedney beans
  • A full rainbow meal - Leafy green salad of romaine lettuce, watercress and chicory, topped with avocado, cucumber, red and yellow pepper, carrot, courgette, tomato . . . and garnished with arame seaweed strips, Nori flakes, chopped mint and pomegranate seeds.


  • Blues - Freshly sliced purple figs with blueberry and blackberry sorbet​

Rainbow Foods!


Red and Pink



Blue and Purple 

Watercress Pomegranates White Onion Yellow Peppers Blueberries
Spinach Raspberries Garlic Sweet Potato Blackberries
Cos Lettuce Strawberries Cauliflower Carrots Purple Grapes
Round Lettuce Watermelon Chicory Oranges Fresh Figs
Lamb's Lettuce Pink Grapefruit Mushrooms Apricots Radicchio
Alfalfa Red Apples New Potatoes Mango Aubergine
Salad Cress Tomatoes White Cabbage Papaya Purple Potatoes
Green Herbs Red Peppers and Chillies White Beans Sharon Fruit Purple Carrots
Rocket       Puple Broccoli
Cucumber       Red Cabbage
Courgette       Arame Seaweed
Green Peppers       Kidney Beans
Avocado       Red Onion
Nori Seaweed        
Green Grapes        
Green Apples        

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