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Thinking of going on a vegan diet? Top tips for starting out.

Benefits of Natural Food

Thinking of going vegan? That’s great! A huge number of people have said it’s been an incredibly rewarding, fun and interesting experience.

There are a variety of motives to change to a vegan food diet. Popular reasons include concerns with the environment and animals, or a drive to improve your diet. The history of Veganism stretches back to a society formed in 1944 which took up position against animal exploitation. Whatever your motivation is, it will sustain you on your journey – be sure to keep reminding yourself why you’re doing it!

The most important part in a change of diet is to retain your health – there is such thing as an unhealthy vegan! Consume lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses and grains and research supplements if you feel you are lacking in certain areas of your diet. A popular problem occurs when people find it tough to wean themselves off of elements from their pre-vegan diet – the best way to overcome this is to find its respective vegan supplement. Some of these will completely fill that gap, for others you’ll need to adapt completely – keep that initial motive in mind!

Some people switch instantaneously whilst for others it is a more gradual process. You need to work out what method will be best for you. You could start by introducing certain vegan days in your week and increase this over time. Otherwise, you could make one of your three main meals a day vegan and eventually let it take over or simply cut down your non-vegan purchases on each shopping trip.

If you stick with this dietary shift, you’ll consider the other aspects of your life which Veganism affects – such as toiletries, clothing and other household products. A vast amount of companies cater to every vegan need now which are easily sought after online – be sure to attach speech marks to the term “vegan” on Google, as you’ll find vegetarian throws up as a match.

Surrounding yourself with likeminded people will help you on your way – you’ll be able find vegan groups online or locally who organise meetings, events and meals out. If not, why not take up the duty yourself and help others out!

Hopefully this brief run-through is enough to get you started. Head to the The Vegan Society ( who home a great collection of helpful resources for Vegan needs – you can even enter a pledge scheme where you’ll have your own mentor to assist in the initial week. Go for it!


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