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5 Best Benefits of Exercise

5 Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of exercise aren’t just about losing weight. In fact there are dozens of reasons to get active, and with a simple shift in your mindset you, too, can learn to love keeping fit! Here are some of the best benefits of exercising, to help you back on your way to a fitter you.

1. Get a natural high

One thing people who exercise regularly report is the natural energy boost which comes from getting exercise. This doesn’t just mean feeling more energetic! When you exercise your body produces natural feel good chemicals called endorphins, which make you feel happy, energised and act as natural stress busters, leaving you better equipped to face life’s challenges.

2. Sleep better

Exercise is known to help you get a good night’s sleep. This is because it releases the tension you carry in your body, lets you de-stress and leaves you feeling relaxed when it comes to bed time. Those who exercise regularly report feeling well rested and sleeping deeper as a result.

3. Look good

Perhaps the best loved benefit of exercise! If you want to look your best, keeping active is key. A regular gym workout, run, or cycle will help you to keep trim, as well as improving your skin and toning muscles. If you’re not sure, look back on photos of yourself at the times in your life when you were exercising most – you’ll notice that’s when you look your best!

4. Get a healthier mind

Exercise isn’t just about improving how your body looks and feels. It’s also a well-known way to keep your mind in shape. Keeping active as part of a healthy lifestyle can make you mentally sharper and less prone to conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress. It can also lower your risk of dementia later in life.

5. Improve your health

According to the National Health Service, exercise can also reduce the risk of a host of illnesses and diseases, making your body stronger and more immune to sickness. For example, those who take exercise as part of their normal routine can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke diabetes and cancer by up to 50%. This is a massive bonus when you consider all the other great benefits to exercising!


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