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5 different types of yoga for you and your mat!

5 Different Types of Yoga

There are a whole bunch of really good reasons to partake in yoga - regularly hitting the mat can offer you a sunnier outlook on life with some extra health benefits on top to boot!

Give your mind and body a make-over using the ancient practice that has stretched back thousands of years, whilst getting some balance and peace along the way. Not sure where to start? Here are our top yoga workouts to try, from the wonderful right through to the more…unusual.

Hatha yoga

One of the most popular forms of yoga here in the West, Hatha Yoga combines breathing exercises, mental focus and movement,
allowing practitioners to create a flow of postures leading from one
to the next. Hatha is great way for developing awareness, strength and flexibility and is the go-to yoga for beginners. Okay, so you might not work up a sweat, but you’ll most definitely feel the benefits.

Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga offers a maximum workout by testing your muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular flexibility fitness levels. One thing we would say – bring a sweatband because you are going to be dripping, but you’ll see the results and feel noticeably bendier, stronger and leaner!

Hot pod yoga

It might look a little like something out of a sci-fi movie, but by performing a series of Vinyasa yoga movements in a pop-up inflatable, cocoon-like pod sets you up for a pretty good workout. Although it’s a bit gentler than Bikram yoga, you can burn up to 700 calories per session so it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re looking to sweat off some weight!

Laughter yoga

The ultimate health and happiness experience to make you laugh like you have never laughed before. A technique devised by Dr Madan Kataria where you learn to kick back and laugh at things for no reason. Sound strange? It really works, and releases loads of lovely endorphins that leave you feeling happy and full of beans.. If you want to know more, check out our article on laughter yoga and consider giving it a go!

Karaoke yoga

At first glance, Yoga and karaoke are about as compatible as a cat and mouse, but this popular craze lets you belt out the hits while you stretch! So, why not liven up your workout with a song and practice your favourite moves.

The best thing about Yoga is how many different types there are. Also, people of all shapes, ages and abilities can take part, making new friends and enjoying a healthier body and mind. Get yourself a yoga mat and check it out! Namaste.

Yoga is amazing, but if you want to explore other ways to feel great, why not read about the benefits of massage and the various types.


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