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5 Fitness Trends For 2015

2015 Fitness Trends

Looking to get in better shape next year? Of course you are! Exercising more is one of the most common resolutions that people have, so we thought we would ask our buddies at Hillmotts what they think the most popular fitness trends will be in 2015 so you can get ready! 

Compound Strength Training

As time goes on not only are we realising that we can get a great workout in a short space of time but we are also seeing the benefits of weight training using compound exercises. Gone are the days of isolation exercises reserved for the buff body builders in the spit and sawdust gyms. Strength training is a great way to improve your fitness and how your body looks and feels.

By training the body as a whole using weights and not isolating one single muscle you get to see the benefits to your whole body much quicker and you build that core strength from within. If you are new to weight training then seek professional advice and have a programme designed for you. However, remember to ensure it’s full of compound exercises for a full body workout and not purely single muscles isolation exercises!

HIIT/Short Duration

The main trend for 2014 seems to be firmly stuck in place for 2015 also! HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) is very much still on fire and shows no signs of slowing down its takeover bid. If you've done any kind of boot camp style workout, indoor cycling class or home workout videos like "P90X" or "Insanity," you've done HIIT.

You work at maximum intensity for a short period of time and then recover for a short period of time and repeat. There are many forms of HITT, some you might of hear of are P90X and Tabata, however many other forms of it also exist and many local bootcamps offer it as standard. If a class at your gym says a workout is "metabolic, or high intensity" then it’s following the rules of HITT most likely. The reason it's still growing in popularity is because it works for almost all levels of fitness and results come pretty fast for most people. It can be done from home or at the gym and often requires little or no equipment.


Due to the introduction of HITT based training we are all getting much more savvy to the fact we also need time to rest so that we can recover from these killer workouts. This helps prevent injury and gives us something to do on our down days whilst we are recovering. You can do active or non-active recovery.

Forms of active recovery can include Restorative Yoga, Self Myofacial Release, Walking Groups and Active Stretch Classes. Non-active recovery can include going for a relaxation massage or simply spending the day avoiding anything strenuous. However you do it just make sure you include recovery in your weekly plan because over exercising will hinder not improve results!

Online Workouts

One of the biggest growing trends for 2015 are online-based workouts. Not everyone likes to leave home to workout, or may not even have the time. Others don’t like to be in a class based situation having to exercise with others. So more and more people are participating in online fitness challenges and weight loss contests or doing their workouts with streaming videos on YouTube or iTunes for example.

A few words of caution though; whilst online workouts are great you need to be wary of doing things the right way. It’s easy for anyone to upload a workout or video and not everyone shows correct technique and form, so injuries may occur if you do a complicated exercise the wrong way. So just make sure if you do pick this method to workout that you follow videos that show good form and technique!

Tracking/Telemetry Tools

These have been popular for some time now but they are growing in their abilities and technical prowess. The basics are that they are wearable devices that help track your daily fitness activities such as heart rate monitors or step calculators. Then there are the more complex devices such as competition based workouts including spin classes or cycling classes where performance metrics are displayed on a board in the room are getting more and more popular. Some of the wearable devices sync up with apps on smartphones as well.

There are apps for tracking all your activities from running to bike rides to hiking, and they also track your sleep and heart rate. They have a long way to go yet before they can be useful or accurate for the average person but 2015 promises to see a big rise in their popularity!



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