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5 Tips for getting started in wild swimming

Wild Swimming

Swimming is a wonderful way to exercise. It’s often perceived as one of the true full body workouts. Most of us have had a dip in our local swimming pool but have you ever thought about taking part in some wild swimming? Rory Southworth is on board to share some top tips on how to get started in wild swimming!

Getting outside and going for a dip can feel far more exhilarating than your local swimming baths, so pull on your trainers, pack a towel and head out to a wild swimming spot near you.

1. Place your towel and warm jacket as close to the water’s edge as possible

After you have just got out you can expect to feel the cold, especially if there is a breeze, so saving the seconds when drying off and warming back up makes it far more enjoyable.

2. Don’t expect to be swimming for too long

It tends to best to get out when you start to lose the feeling in your toes, so don't worry if your swim isn't as long as you hoped for, even just a very quick dip is fun and enjoyable.  

3. Pick a safe location

Find a spot where you can see the bottom or an area known for its wild swimming were you can be confident that you are safe.

4. Go with friends

It can be great fun sharing the swim with friends and you can both keep an eye on each other's body temperature too.

5. Keep your mouth closed when swimming

Whilst mountain river water is most likely clean and safe to drink, I couldn’t say the same for valley rivers and areas around agriculture.

The UK is littered with a huge range of wild swimming locations – lakes, rivers, beaches and coves. Find out more information and discover some wild swimming spots near you hereExplore the benefits of swimming in further detail here.

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