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5 Ways to run trail faster

Boulder Hopping Guest Post - UK

It's great to set ourselves goals when participating in exercise and activities, but what do you do when you feel you have reached your personal best? Well, there's always a way to better yourself! Rory Southworth, a trail runner based in the North West, has got some awesome tips on how to run faster on the trails and shed a few seconds off your personal best. 

  1. Wear race shorts. Anything longer than 3" is restrictive and is the main reason you are not as fast as Kilian Jornet. Also, you will look faster even when you are standing still.
  2. Wear RAD Shades. A simple change that is practically guaranteed to make you run faster, descend quicker and be a better lover.  But seriously, when you are next running down a steep scree slope with the sun in your eyes, you will be grateful for this tip.
  3. Wear a cap (preferably backwards). Even if it's not sunny or night time. You will look cooler and it is scientifically proven that cool people go faster. (In that I'm a scientist, and I have seen cool people over take me...... regularly).
  4. Run with friends, feel that peer pressure up your average pace to something that was previously unattainable for more than 10m. Do not underestimate peer pressure and not wanting to lose to you friend that doesn't even wear race shorts!
  5. Fuel your body properly. Now I’m no nutritionist, but eating great tasting, vegan friendly bars like TREK can keep your body a temple whilst giving you the power to go faster than that time you “accidentally” left Strava running on the drive home.

Rory Southworth is a runner, climber and hiker mostly found in the Lake District. Fuelled by TREK bars, Rory is planning to do a UK Coast to Coast in race shorts and a pair of rad shades this August. Check out his adventures @rorysouthworth

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