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6 Things We Learnt From Tough Mudder

6 Things We Learnt From Tough Mudder

On Saturday 23rd September, we brought together a team of strangers to complete the Tough Mudder course as one; as teamTREK. Although taking part in a Tough Mudder is a daunting thought for many, the reality turns out to be a much more entertaining and social-led affair when part of a team.  If you’re not familiar with the event, it’s a 12-mile trail through muddy terrain and over obstacles, through water, great heights and – ahem -  electrical wires.

If you’re looking to tackle a Tough Mudder next year you’ll have many questions before taking on the challenge. We asked Sean who was part of teamTREK to give us 6 things he learnt from his first Tough Mudder experience!

You should probably do some training beforehand!

If you’ve got time to before your event, you should do some training! That’s not to say you have to have Schwarzenegger-like biceps. You need to have good stamina, as you’ll be running for 12 miles. Working on your upper body strength will also help you get up those walls and across the monkey bars.

The best thing about Tough Mudder is everyone on the course helps everyone. So if you do need a helping hand over an obstacle someone will be there to help. And let’s face it, at least a third of the people there haven't done any training and are there because a friend has dragged them along! They get around the course so you can too.

Check out our Tough Mudder survival guide for a full training programme!

The same goes for nutrition prep – here’s a 7 day nutrition plan designed for Tough Mudder.

You don’t have to do every obstacle

Even though it feels great to complete the entire course, there are no issues when it comes to skipping obstacles you’re uncomfortable with. Some obstacles are not recommended for those with certain medical conditions – if you’re unsure about something, there are plenty of people around to help. Despite this, we do recommend you at least try every obstacle you can! When you’ve got a team around you cheering you on, it’s surprising how many fears you’ll conquer!

You will be well fed and hydrated

If you’re worried about what to take with you on the trail then you’ll be pleased to know you’ll be well fed and hydrated. There are plenty of hydration stations on course to take on water and you’ll also find TREK chunks on course strategically placed on course to keep you going!

It’s important you fuel yourself properly before the event so don’t skip breakfast! And make sure you grab a hearty meal afterwards. You’ve deserved it.

You come out as a stronger team

Tough Mudder is an incredibly difficult trail to tackle alone, there is a tremendous sense of camaraderie as you tackle each obstacle whether you know the person next to you or not. Everybody cheers each other on and lends a helping hand to those struggling to make that final push.

Some obstacles can only be completed in a team – here’s teamTREK helping each other through the Pyramid Scheme which required us to crawl up the steep incline by clambering onto each other’s shoulders. Go team!

6 Things We Learnt From Tough Mudder 2

You need comfortable shoes and clothes!

Not only do you need to get through a 12-mile long course, you will have to trawl through incredibly muddy terrain which puts even more strain on your feet and leg muscles as you try to keep yourself balanced. This is why comfortable trainers are essential – don’t catch yourself out! It goes without saying but you will get muddy so try and pick out some comfortable clothing that you’re willing to get a bit mucky.

It’s amazing fun!

Of course, Tough Mudder is made out to be a gruelling event but your initial impressions will be turned on its head as soon as you get there. It’s tremendous fun right from the off - the Tough Mudder team takes you and your group through a warm-up which will have you bouncing, dancing and battle crying in preparation. You’ll also get a rousing motivational speech before taking on the muddy task at hand. At the end of the day, it’s an incredible day out with your new found pals - what could be better than that?!

Head to Tough Mudder to get some more information on events coming up near you!   


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