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UK Adventure Holidays

Adventure Holidays

Do you want to do something new with your spare time? Are you hoping to have an adventure without spending too much money or eating away too much of your annual leave? Professional Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite has a few ideas: 

Perhaps it’s time to look closer to home for ways to spend your next holiday. It’s so easy to forget that the UK has a huge variety of terrains, challenges and treks - we are all guilty of overlooking what’s in our own backyard! 

Taking inspiration from expeditions and the lure of overseas escapes, these can easily be translated into a homegrown adventure that doesn’t have to cost the earth or even take up too much time.

Creating your own short adventure holiday has the potential to be much more satisfying than a holiday lounging on a beach. After all, rest and ‘holiday’ doesn’t have to involve stillness.

Instead, why not combine the joys and benefits of experiencing new things with the development of skills and memories?

Here are some ideas for your next adventure holiday in the UK:

Coasteering, abseiling, cycling, mountain biking, sailing, surfing, canoeing and kayaking are just a handful of the activities you could choose from. These are easily found if you’d like to hire equipment or do a guided or paid tour.

Alternatively, let your imagination run wild and come up with something unique. Ride a tandem a great distance and pick up people along the way. Travel a river from source to sea. Climb the highest peak in each British country. Sleep in a treehouse. Why not visit every place in England that begins with the letter Z?!! Make your adventure fun and the rest will work it out for itself.

Idea boxes

Big on Microadventures

Coined by the Adventurer Alastair Humphreys, a Microadventure plays on the fact that in between the 9 to 5, there’s a 5 to 9. Now and then, why not exchange your commute and lazy evening at home for climbing a hill, sleeping in the open air and brewing a cup of tea on a camping stove before hiking back to work?

Make a Yes List

Develop positive habits with the crew from lifestyle evolution brand Say Yes More. By creating a list of objectives, challenges and goals, you’ll refine what you need from your next break as well as making your planning just a little easier – all you need to do is pick another item from your list.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Very much part of the watersports scenery now, SUP is still the fastest growing sport in many parts of the world. Not only is it a great way to keep fit and get away from the drone of city life (even if you’re on a canal in London), but is a brilliant way to have a little adventure. Why not choose a river and paddle source to sea, or cross a big lake? There are plenty of places to hire boards around the coast and in London, and inflatable boards can even pack down for those more remote spots

Adventure Travel Film Festival, Dorset

Want to combine a cool weekend of camping with inspiration for your next trip? With some of the best adventure films around, inspiring speakers who will be around all weekend to chat to, and with the chance to camp through the festival, this is one not to be missed. The festival takes place between the 16th – 18th August. For more details check out

Whatever you choose to do, take a few of our Trek Bars along the way to keep up your energy levels to get the most from your adventure. Have any adventure ideas of your own? Let us know via our Facebook or Twitter!



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