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Alternative dance workouts

Dance Workouts

There are people who get their kicks out of lifting weights, whilst some love the thrill of a morning run, but for others normal exercise routines are just a bit, well…bland! If this sounds all too familiar then a dance workout might just be the thing for you. Not only does it get your body moving, but many incorporate a variety of different fitness practices for an all body routine to strip away fat, build muscle and just might turn you into an awesome dancer in the process. 


Born straight out of Los Angeles, Bokwa is now beginning to make waves (and shapes!) over here in the UK. A hip-hop inspired cardio workout, with Bokwa you can get in some great exercise whilst looking smooth at the same time! The program mixes together a combination of step aerobics and alternate South-African dance for a high energy routine that will get you sweating in no time. Dancers make up their own movements based around mimicking the shape of numbers and letters, leaving you to keep it as intense or low impact as you like.

BodyArt Training

BodyArt is much more slow-paced bodyweight exercise that involves a medley of dance, Tai Chi, yoga and physiotherapy. As opposed to programs such as Pilates, BodyArt targets a 3-in-1 approach by incorporating strength, cardio and flexibility within the training. Dubbed as creating ‘harmony between body and mind’, this is ideal If you’re looking to build muscle, burn fat, get flexible and reduce stress all at the same time.

Animal Flow

Rekindle your primal instincts with his intense, all-out workout! With no equipment needed, Animal Flow will make you unlock muscles you never even know you had. Staying as low to the ground as possible at all times, the routine incorporates elements of acrobatics, gymnastics, breakdancing and Brazilian capoeira for a really intense workout. It may sound difficult at first but once you get a few of the moves down it gets easier and easier.


If you get bored by slow-plodding workouts then Pound is just what you need to rekindle your fire for exercise. Created by two female drummers, the program involves high-intensity cardio with drumming to thundering music, (each dancer has a pair of sticks) for a full-body workout that not only melts away fat and tones muscle but also evaporates stress. Heavily based around an up-down squat movement, with Pound your feet will never be still for a second.

Bollywood Workout

Anyone who has ever watched a Bollywood film will know that slow scenes are few and far between! The workout puts a fitness spin on an already upbeat dance style, all to the backdrop of traditional fast-paced Bollywood beats. Not only will this workout get you fit, but after a few sessions you’ll also come out of it as a top-notch dancer – the big screen is waiting!



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