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Best ways to measure fitness progress

Best ways to measure fitness progress

It’s important to keep track of your fitness progress. It keeps you motivated and allows you to take note of your achievements.

Most new fitness regimes fall by the wayside withn the first few months, mostly due to the fact that we want to see significant physical changes occur in these initial stages. When this doesn’t happen, we become less motivated to get back to the gym or go for a run. It’s important to recoginse that persuring a healthier lifestyle is no flash in the pan and take time.  Here are several ways you can track and measure fitness progress so you can avoid this common path. Firstly, you need a goal.

Establishing your goal

Diving into a workout routine absent of goals can lead to a muddled workout which won’t give you the same benefits and improvements as a focussed, fixed goal. If you’re struggling to find yours, ask yourself why you’re looking to be fitter and healthier: e.g. Do I want to get stronger? Do I want to improve my endurance?

Of course, you can give yourself broader aims such as ‘overall fitness’ but it’s helpful to have a specific goal. If you feel you sit in this camp then you can always look to target big muscle groups such as your core which is beneficial to your posture, frame and general fitness. 

Keep a fitness journal

Once you start up your workout plan, it’s easy to get swept up in the same exercises and forget your goals and focuses. Once you begin to progress, your workout must adapt with you in order for you to reach and smash your goal! A bit of an old school approach but keeping a journal of your fitness progress alongside your diet can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to tracking your progress and making changes if necessary. Write down the exercises you’re performing, the food you are eating and what you intend to do on your next session.

Additionally, physically writing down something helps us to retain and recall information better so doing this makes you consistently aware of where you’re at in relation to your goal. Read more about it here.


Some of you may cringe at the thought of taking a ‘selfie’ or a mirror pic, however this is a great method of documenting your progress. Even after those initial stages you’ll be able to see yourself meeting your goals when comparing photos one month to another. So embrace your vanity and start snapping your progress now!


If you’re intending to spend a bit of cash on your fitness life then there’s a whole bunch of tech you can use to track your progress too. The TomTom Spark 3 watch is widely regarded as one of the best products with its wide-reaching and varying features including different sports modes, route navigation as well as the function to establish and track personalised workouts. 

There are also plenty of helpful apps which are a much more affordable option including endomondo that allow you to log and analyse your activity particularly for cardio workouts such as running and cycling.  

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