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High Protein Food Sources for Vegetarians

Easy High Protein Foods

If you’re looking for ways to get more protein in your diet, look no further! Whether you’re a fan of protein bars or wholesome nuts, here are some quick, tasty snacks to keep you going and feed your body with the protein it needs.

Protein Food: Peanuts

Not technically a nut, peanuts are actually a legume! A fantastic source of protein, peanuts are very easy to find in the supermarket and make the perfect snack for between meals and workouts. High in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, peanuts are good for lowering cholesterol and they also contain something called resveratrol, which actually helps to guard against cancers, heart disease and fungal infections. All great reasons to pick up a handful of peanuts!

Great for: between meals, when you only have time to grab a handful on the go

Protein Food: Garden Peas

Possibly the most accessible vegetable in the U.K., Garden Peas are a staple of our diets as children right through to our older years.  They are the perfect partner to most main meals; mixed into mashed potato, stirred into pasta sauce or sprinkled over a summer salad.  Garden Peas are a strong source of protein as well as fiber, and have the unusual combination of being anti-inflammatory as well as an antioxidant.  Frozen or fresh, garden peas are a great source of protein for all the family.

Great for: adding to just about any meal . . .

Protein Food: Trek Protein Bars

Let’s face it, sometimes you simply don’t have time to prepare a salad or make a sandwich, or even run to the shop for nuts. That’s why having your own stash of protein goodies is a good way to go. A case of Trek Protein bars or flapjacks in your cupboard will mean you’ll never go hungry. Choose from flavours such as Peanut and Oat, or Cherry Crunch. Pop them in your pocket or lunchbox and away you go!

Great for: all occasions – desserts, midday snacks, lunches and after gym refuelling.


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