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5 Great Ways to Exercise with Friends

Fitness Tips with Friends

If you’re the type of person who thinks getting fit is a chore, think again! There are loads of fantastically fun fitness methods out there; you just have to use your imagination! Grab a group of friends and try one of these fitness tips for size:

Outdoor swimming

If you’re a confident swimmer and the weather’s on your side, why not head to your nearest beach or lake, and have an outdoor swim! Swimming is fantastic for a full body workout and tones all major muscle groups.

Fitness tip

Remember to stretch those muscles beforehand, particularly arms and shoulders.

Take a hike

Get a gang of friends together and plan a route. Make sure you’ve got sensible hiking shoes and plenty of supplies with you – that means food, water, and plasters! Being in the outdoors is both re-energising and refreshing, and will make a welcome change to the gym. You’ll be too busy admiring the scenery to notice the extra calories you’re burning!

Fitness tip

Make sure you pick a route that goes over hilly terrain, for maximum workout potential.

Climb a wall

Find out where your nearest rock climbing centre is and bring a friend along for something a little more challenging than the treadmill. Haven’t climbed before? Most centres will offer a lesson and all will drill you beforehand on the safety aspects of climbing. Your thighs will thank you for it afterwards.

Fitness tip

Wear clothes which are flexible, anything in a stretchy fabric will help

Hit the ice

Have a go at skating at your local ice rink. This is lots of fun with a group, and you can go year round. You can hire a pair of skates and whiz around the ice to the soundtrack of pop music. Bring a camera to make sure you capture all the fun.

Fitness tip

If you can’t find a rink near you, hire some blades instead and head for the tarmac

Play ball

This one is perhaps the easiest of all. Get your friends or family and head to the park. Whether it’s rounders, cricket, or basketball, having a relaxed game or two will burn off just as many calories as a gym session, without the clock watching.

Fitness tip

Tag rugby is easy to play and you don’t need a pitch to do it. Why not make it a regular thing, by setting up a tournament?


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