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Five Brilliant Hobby Ideas to Get You Moving

hobby ideas

Hobbies are great in many ways, they give us a means to discover new interests and meet new friends, and can even be a valuable addition to your healthy lifestyle too.

Putting time aside for exercise can be difficult to fit into our busy schedules. Our friends at Hillmotts are on board to offer up 5 hobbies which will allow your social and fitness world to collide in one fun-filled activity. Check out the following ideas and give them a try yourself:


There are so many different genres and styles in dancing from ballroom, swing, modern, street to Zumba! You’re bound to find something for you in the grand selection out there. It’s a fantastic form of exercise too. There are a whole heap of dance workouts too which are designed to be performed to the rhythm.


The act of hiking is a lot more complex than just walking, you’ll encounter some difficult and often challenging terrains – which are both testing of one’s fitness, but also an effective workout too. Along with the fantastic benefits which come with this activity, you’ll also find yourself in the company of stunning views and fresh air. Check out our post on reasons to exercise outside.        


Tennis is a great amount of fun even though it can be tough and demanding. The great thing about the sport is that it’s pretty hard to play on your own so you need company – it’s a great way to bond over a bit of healthy competition with friends old and new. Many tennis clubs hold a selection of social events and further training so you can always improve your gameplay.


Whilst it gets you out in the fresh air and has its therapeutic qualities, gardening is an excellent form of exercise too. Particular gardening tasks require a lot of graft such as digging holes or weeding a big patch. The best thing about gardening is that you’ll not only receive a physical payoff but you’ll also be able to see your garden blooming into life.


Golf often gets categorised as being boring, however, it’s a whole lot of fun even though it may not be for everyone. You’ll get an awesome workout in the walk between holes (which can get even longer if you have a bad aim) and your focus on stance and grip are great for your core muscles. Golf pairs mental and physical focus into one enticing gameplay, an awesome hobby to take up – plus, there’s nothing like the crack and feel of a great shot down to the green!


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