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Five Brilliant Hobby Ideas to Get You Moving

hobby ideas

Hobbies are brilliant! Not only do they let us meet new people and discover new things, but they can also contribute to a healthy lifestyle if you let them!

Committing to regular forms of exercise can be difficult when we all lead such busy lives, so Hillmotts are here to share 5 examples of hobbies you can integrate into your social time that also improve your fitness in the process! With summer in full swing, here are some great ideas for you to try:


Although it’s a somewhat vigorous sport, tennis can be a whole lot of fun because it involves a partner and some friendly competition. Tennis needs practice and regular participation to improve – not to mention being more fun and social than just exercising alone. You can even join a tennis club that holds regular social events and training to improve your game!


With so many different types of dancing you’ll surely find a style to suit you. Everything from ballroom, modern, swing, street or even Zumba , dancing is one of the best hobbies to improve your fitness. Just a quick search online will reveal a whole bunch of different groups and classes, so chances are there’s one just down the road from where you live.


Gardening is not only great exercise; it gets you outside in the fresh air and can be incredibly therapeutic too. Getting down in the dirt can burn a considerable amount of calories especially if you are taking on some bigger tasks such as digging holes for plants or weeding a large area. There’s nothing quite like seeing beautiful plants flourish as a result of your hard work. Even just mowing the lawn gets you moving, so get your green fingers in action and start getting fit this summer!


More than just walking, hiking needs planning, preparation, and usually, social interaction. Due to the range of terrain you’ll encounter, hiking is fantastic for health and fitness. Not only will you be burning calories, but escaping the city for fresh air and beautiful landscapes can only be a good thing.


At first glance, golf might not seem like it’s for everyone, but can actually be a whole lot of fun. As well as getting a good walk between holes (as long as you don’t use a golf buggy!), it’s good for your core muscles as you perfect your swing. Coupled with the mental focus needed for precision, there’s more to golf than meets the eye. Questionable golf sweaters are optional.


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