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Cherries Great Post Workout Foods

Have you ever been confused by the amount of protein bars and snacks fitness folk tuck into? After a workout your body and muscles needs to repair, certain foods assist this process and is an important part of maintaining an effective workout. Lucy-Ann, our nutrition expert, has totted up the top five foods which will give you that recovery fix after your next workout.   

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato carries many muscle mending qualities, such as the high volumes of vitamin C and beta-carotene which lingers in its orange flesh – which are incredibly important antioxidants for this process. They fast replenish glycogen and act as a great source of digestible carbohydrate.

Miso Soup

This is an incredibly nice shift from the sugary carb drinks! Retaining a great blend of electrolyte salts and water, this dish is incredibly effective for rehydrating your body after a workout. It also contains rich minerals and protein in the inclusion of wakame seaweed and tofu respectively.


These are an ideal post-workout snack being a source of complete protein whilst also containing imperative amino acids to assisting muscle recovery. Essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory Omega 3’s also reside in this super snack! 


Cherries contain a powerful antioxidant called flavonoids which is responsible for giving the fruit its ripe red colour, it is supportive to your immune system and anti-inflammatory. They also include vitamin C, iron and melatonin alongside this. Melatonin is a natural hormone which improves your sleep cycle. You’ll get the same great post-workout contents from cherry juice too!

Protein bars

These little wonders are particularly effective for muscle building and weight training being rich in protein and quick at implementing its repairing qualities on your muscles. Our TREK protein bars are comprised of natural ingredients and flavours making these an ideal post-workout snack!


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