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Guide To Your Body Type

Guide To Body Type

People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but we typically fall into one of three body shapes. These shapes are determined by a set of characteristics which place us into either Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph body types. Knowledge of your own body type isn’t only a cool fact about yourself to bring up at a quiz or at a speed-date, but you can also begin tailoring your approach to exercise and dieting to your respective body type for a more impactful workout routine.

Of course, you may not fit exactly into the three body type characteristics, however, you will find yourself close to one of the three. Consider yourself to be in your closest category.

So, which type are you? How can you attune your exercise routine to your body type? And what should your diet consist of?


Ectomorphs are identified by their generally taller and more slender frame; generally, they are below average weight, have a high metabolism and don’t tend to build muscle with ease.

For all you ectomorphs out there, compound lifts are thoroughly recommended alongside a cut down in cardiovascular training if you’re looking to build-up and tone muscle. Quick, consistent bursts of exercise are ideal for ectomorphs, too much will feed your metabolism causing you to lose more weight.

Ectomorphs should aim for a diet high in protein, carbs and fat if you’re seeking physical changes. Carbs are particularly important as these will offer a wholesome and starchy build-up. It’s also key to consume protein, particularly after a workout which will enable your body to recover efficiently which is especially important for ectomorph body types with low muscle mass. Check out our guide to foods for post-exercise recovery


Mesomorphs are depicted by their naturally built and bulky frame, this body type requires little effort in order to bulk up but of course, there are ways to optimise your workout for max impact.

Mesomorphs who want to build and pack on more muscle would benefit greatly from a good balance of strength training and high-intensity interval/cardio training. Too much strength training for this body type could encourage an excess of body fat to emerge, however, this could be opposed with focus directed towards interval/cardio training. Fat burning is essential to a mesomorph’s workout routine.   

Unlike ectomorphs and endomorph, mesomorph’s diets are all about balance. Take up a mixed and middle-ground diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.


With their larger bone structures, endomorphs generally experience higher amounts of body fat and body mass.

Endomorphs have a very slow and sluggish metabolism as opposed to ectomorph’s high-performing metabolism, this calls for a harder and faster approach to a workout. Applying focus to weightlifting with an addition of short, intense cardio will bring about the biggest benefit to endomorphs.

Endomorphs tend to have a greater storage for energy. Take up a diet which consists of higher fats and protein but with lower carbs. Due to the general low tolerance of carbs among endomorphs, carb foods should be used as a means to replenish energy as close to your workout as possible.

If you’re starting up a gym routine, it’s important to expel any myths which naturally surround the theme of fitness. Discover our top 5 myths here.  Explore the rest of our fitness section to uncover more methods and approaches to exercise. Our TREK Protein Energy Bars and TREK Protein Flapjacks are packed with a punchy 9g of protein which is a great way to get a quick recovery fix after a workout.


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