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Healthy lifestyle tips! Five fun ways to get fit

ways to get fit

Are you having trouble with gym motivation? Do you need some healthy lifestyle tips which will actually work? We’ve come up with the solution: the best way to get fit is to have fun! At Natural Balance Foods we think that exercise shouldn’t be a chore, but an opportunity to enjoy yourself. Here are five fun ways to get fit, without having to go to the gym:

1. Hula hooping

For exercising core muscles, improving balance, and toning those abs, you can’t go wrong with the classic hula hoop. You might remember these from your childhood, but these are actually pretty nifty when it comes to getting fit. Not only are they very easy to use, but they’re also perfect for exercising at home, to your favourite music. Using a hula hoop can also burn a serious amount of calories – an estimated 400-600 per hour. Good for the mind and body, hula hooping is one of the best kept secrets in the world of healthy lifestyle tips, and is said to help unblock your ‘chi’ or life force!


2. Trampolining


Trampolining is a fantastically fun way to get fit, and provides an ideal low impact workout which will work all your muscle groups. The nature of the trampoline, with its elastic skin, means that it puts very little stress on joints and muscles and is great for anyone who finds exercise such as jogging a little too hard on these areas. Look for trampolining sessions at your local gym, or if you’re keen, buy a trampoline for the garden for a fun summertime workout.

3. Fencing

Fencing is suitable for just about anyone, and is a novel way to tone up. If you like exercise that’s full of squats and lunges, this is the perfect way for you to keep fit. This is one way to exercise with a friend or partner, and you can guarantee there’ll be lots of laughter in the process. Look for fencing classes in your area and sign up to a beginner’s course to get the basics. You’ll then be able to practice your moves at home or in the gym afterwards.

4. Rollerblading or ice skating

Skating, whether roller blading or ice skating, is a good way to tone thighs and bums and makes for an excellent aerobic workout. It will also help you to develop good balance, and because of this it’s great for stomach muscles. Again, this is something you can practice on your own or by joining in with a group skate session. Most ice rinks will have classes for all levels, or you can buy yourself a pair of blades and head to the park. Just remember to wear protective gear...

5. Book a holiday!

Lastly, it’s a well-known fact that stress is one of the biggest barriers to a healthy lifestyle, and exercise is one of the best ways to feel better. Why not combine your fitness goals with a great getaway, and get double the benefit? Cycling holidays, hiking, rock climbing and horse riding are all great activities you can base your holiday around, and will mean you come home truly refreshed and energised!

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