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How To Improve Stamina

How To Improve Stamina

When watching athletes run in marathons, it’s hard to not gawp at their seemingly superhuman strength. It’s true that stamina arrives as a more of a natural ability to some people, however, it is also something that can be attained by anyone through the right training programme! Essentially, it’s all about increasing your lung capacity which can be aided by exercising the muscles which surround your respiratory system and heart, as well as focussing on the required muscles themselves.

Here are several ways you can work towards improving your own stamina so you too can experience the benefits, which include clearer thinking, leaner muscle mass and more energy throughout the day. Get involved!

Increase the duration and volume of your exercise gradually

Stamina can only be built from extending the duration and increasing the intensity of your workout. This needs to be done gradually in order to allow your body to attune to the increased demand without wearing yourself out and causing any damage. For example, you could increase the duration of your run by 10% at a time, if your run is usually ten minutes, increase it to 11 the next day and 12 the next and so on. This also allows you to keep track of your progress with ease, especially with the help of a running at to store all of your stats!

Interval Training

Interval training is an awesome exercise but you’ve got to be committed! It’s essentially short bursts of exercise performed at a high-intensity with a lot of rest periods, this exercise tests and improves the efficiency of your cardiovascular system; as it requires the body to deliver oxygen to the muscles that are in demand rapidly. This prepares your body for endurance. Interval training also allows you to build tolerance to the presence of lactic acid which greatly improves your performance in any endurance tasks. Check out our article which outlines the benefits of interval training for a more in-depth look!

Make sure you’re nutritionally prepared too; Nakd bars offer fantastic fuel to those carrying out regular exercise routines, check out our Nakd Protein Crunch bars which come in several fantastic flavours to get you started.

Practice Breathing Techniques

One of the most effective ways of increasing your lung capacity is by partaking in breathing exercises and improving your breathing techniques which, when practiced, allows the lungs to improve its intake of oxygen. Meditating is in fact an amazing way to work out and practice your breathing techniques, as well as being incredibly relaxing and enjoyable to carry out -  a win-win! Your muscles will relax when meditation is carried out properly allowing your focus to rest on your respiratory system. Start by trying some deep breathing - inhale for 8 beats, breathe out and repeat. There are many exercises you can dive into online or you can check out our everyday mindfulness techniques to discover more about mindful breathing.  

Take Your Exercise Routine to the Water!

Get involved in some water exercises! Water adds resistance to any exercise routine you choose to carry out, for this reason you will naturally take shorter and more rapid breaths; this in turn improves the performance of your respiratory system and therefore your lung capacity. There are plenty of weight and stretching exercises which are designed to be performed in the water. Try some sidekicks, twists or even a sprint and you’ll quickly notice the difference! 


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