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How to keep up your exercise routine

How to keep up your exercise routine

Are you looking to get in shape? Or do you want to lead a healthier lifestyle? It sounds strange and overly simple but asking yourself these questions is a valuable start to your journey into exercising – you need to know why you are doing it. Without this direction, you are more inclined to lose motivation – you need an achievable, measurable goal to work towards.

After you’ve figured it out, follow these couple of suggestions to keep yourself in the exercise routine.

Choose an enjoyable workout

Pick an activity that you actually want to do, there are so many options outside of the regular gym environment such as bouldering and trail running. Consequently you will start to look forward to the workout and will be more likely to stick to it and retain a positive attitude towards working out. If you’re struggling then why not look for inspiration in our Six Brilliant Gym Ideas post? You could try one of these every week to see which one you enjoy the most. Why not try cardio, dance classes, high intensity interval training? Or maybe you will find enjoyment in pilates and yoga?

Schedule your workout

Planning your workout and treating it as an important, unmovable slot in your diary will hold you in check when keeping to your workout routine. If you have the “I’m too busy to exercise” excuse then there are plenty of ways you can fit a workout into your routine by getting up earlier, transforming your commute into a workout or use your lunchbreak as a time to break a sweat. Check out our article on healthy eating and exercise for busy lifestyles for some handy tips on this!

Exercise with a friend

Having a bit of company on your exercise routines can help you go a long way in more ways than one. You can encourage each other to get up and get out when you’re feeling unmotivated, you can also use the art of healthy competition to fuel your workouts. You may even feel more of a sense of duty to your partner than you would usually do by yourself – you need each other to achieve your goals.

If you haven’t got anybody to partner up with then why not join a group training session? We tackle the benefits of group training here.

Try 30-day challenge method

Starting up your exercise routine is easy. Maintaining it is a completely different story! Social media is rife with individual’s 30-day challenges - that’s because they work well and are a great way of establishing a solid exercise routine. There are several apps you can use to accompany your 30-day challenge which provides you with a countdown and are a fantastic way to track your progress. In addition, you can set a different challenge each month, be it a squat challenge, running or beach body challenge.

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