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How to love exercise

Stretching How to Love Exercise

Exercise is hands down one of the best things you can do for yourself. As well as improving your physical wellbeing, the psychological and physiological benefits come together to make exercise the benchmark of feeling good.

Having passion for exercise is one of the best motivators out there with plenty of support available from smartphone apps and YouTube videos through to organised sports and other group activities.

For a lot of people, exercise and health can be challenging to fit around day to day life. Fortunately, there are so many different options available for a range of preferences and lifestyles, including gym memberships, special foods for fitness, sports, dancing and even video games. So how can you change your attitude towards exercise? How can you transform it from ‘something I should do’ to ‘something I love doing’?

Have Fun!

First and foremost, have fun! There’s no point going to the gym and lifting weights if you are bored stiff every time. Instead, find a sport that you enjoy, engage with it and enjoy watching your abilities develop. If you don’t know what sport you like, try some out! Join a fun and funky Zumba dance class, find out about local sports teams, buy set of weights, go for a jog with your iPod or even dance with Stormtroopers on the Nintendo Wii. Keep looking for that one thing you enjoy; there is something out there for everyone.

Enjoy the Change

One of the main reasons for people to undertake any kind of exercise is that they want to get in shape and feel more confident about their appearance. There really is nothing like noticing a physical change in your appearance, whether your trousers seem to fit better or your face is not quite as round. Noticing new muscles, more strength and improvements to your general endurance are incredible motivators. If anything else, the love of exercise comes from challenging yourself, meeting those challenges and making your life better. Making goals give people direction, and reaching those goals can result in fantastic feelings of achievement and success. Start with the short term, don’t aim too high and work your way towards your ultimate goal.


Enjoy Feeling Good


Being fit and healthy is one of the best feelings anyone can have. We’re all hard-wired to know when we feel good, and this translates into overall confidence and feelings of wellbeing. Exercise has been scientifically proven to improve moods and energy levels thanks to the release of endorphins, nature’s feel-good hormones into the bloodstream. Imagine being able to walk or run for longer, not getting exhausted after climbing the steps to the first floor and not noticing heavy shopping as much. A healthy body will result in a healthy mind and your outlook on life will be different. Additionally, eating healthily and enjoying more foods for fitness will keep your energy levels up and improve your digestion.

There are so many benefits to exercising that we are sure you will find something you love to do. You will look, feel and think better, enjoying a better outlook on life with more energy and vitality. So go on, what are you waiting for? Get out there and exercise!


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