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How to maintain fitness motivation in the winter

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According to a survey of 2000 people, ‘exercise more’ was the second most popular new year's resolution for 2019 (65%) which appeared just behind ‘diet or eat healthier’ (71%). It’s clear the motivation is there and fired up at the start of the year but how exactly can you keep it up through the darker and colder days that greet us in January and February? It’s a tough thing to conquer as a fitness goer but battling through the uninviting conditions and overcoming the initial reluctance will increase your motivation tenfold.

We’ve taken a look at some ways you can change up your routine and fuel yourself with increased motivation throughout your winter workouts.

Join a fitness group

If you tend to be a lone wolf when it comes to fitness and exercise then you should think about shaking up your approach and becoming a little more social by joining a gym class. If the class in particular requires you to partner up or work in groups to carry out the exercise, this could offer you a heightened sense of responsibility as it won’t just be your workout you’ll need to consider. Also a little bit of healthy competition is no bad thing - the performance of others around you can give you the appetite to assess and improve your own.

We tackled this in greater detail in our post looking into why you should take up group training.

Find a new way to exercise

Start the new year with a fresh approach, if you’re a runner or cyclist, why not find a new route to tackle? Maybe cast your eyes to other equipment around the gym and work towards workouts you hadn’t previously attempted. You could even give yourself a bigger goal by booking up a summer adventure, such as a kayaking holiday with friends so you can test your fitness in a more practical, natural setting and have something to look forward to through the winter months.

Embrace the benefits of the cold

As difficult as it may seem getting outside in the cold fresh air for a winter run or cycle can benefit your workout routine (providing it’s not arctic conditions!). By the very act of being outside, you are taking in more vitamin D from the sunlight which you won’t gain from being cooped up indoors. Your body has to work a lot harder in the cold which has a knock-on effect to your metabolism which in turn burns more calories as you harvest energy for your workout.

Warm-ups and headwear are your friends here - heat mostly escapes through your head so make sure you’re wrapped up. Head over to the NHS to discover how to conduct safe winter exercise.

Exercise at home

On the days where you don’t feel particularly inspired to head out to the gym, why not exercise at home? We rounded up some fantastic bodyweight exercises you can conquer at home on the mat.

Before you head out and exercise this winter, consider trying a new snack to keep you going. Our TREK Protein Energy Chunks contain a whopping 12g of protein and comes in three delicious flavours - Toffee Triumph, Cranberry Kick and Cocoa Peanut Peak. They’re packed with a precise cold-pressed balance of powerful wholefoods to deliver sustained energy.


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