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Jogging Tips for Summer

jogging Tips for the Summer

Now that we are firmly in summer (although the weather might not agree) there’s never been a better time to get outside for some simple exercise. Some people play sports, others go to the gym, but for many people the issue of free time always gets in the way.

Fitting exercise around a busy working and personal life may seem difficult, which is why jogging is such a great way to improve your fitness with minimum disruption.

All it takes is half an hour – most of us can manage that! It’s really easy too and can be done anywhere such as around the neighbourhood, the park or even on the high streets. So before you get out there, read the following tips to get the most from your effort!

Dress for the occasion

What you wear when out and about on a jog is one of the most important things to consider as it helps to avoid injury or discomfort. A good pair of light trainers or running shoes shouldn’t set you back too much and reduces the impact that ground has on your feet. Jogging bottoms (they are called that for a reason!) and a loose t-shirt gives you more freedom of movement and airflow which is a godsend in warmer weather.

Don’t forget to stretch

Another basic but often overlooked part of exercise; stretching helps prepare your muscles for the work they are about to do and is instrumental in preventing discomfort and injury. Stretching only takes a few minutes and gets your body ready to absorb the impact for when your legs hit and push off the ground. After you have finished, have another quick stretch to seal the deal to get the most benefit.

Make it interesting!

Let’s face it – jogging can be quite monotonous unless you make it interesting for yourself. Are there any areas nearby that are more pleasant or picturesque to jog in? Give yourself lots of mini-goals as you go along, such as not taking a rest until you reach that lamp post in the distance or countdown until your next rest. Music goes a long way to help keep you motivated so put together a playlist of energetic and fast paced tunes for you to jog to – there’s nothing better than suddenly finding your steps are in time with the beat!

Celebrate the little things

The best thing about jogging is that you can go as fast or as slow as you want to. There’s no reason to feel pressured to run faster than you are able to, and when you feel like you need a rest, take it! Simply getting out the door in your jogging gear is a strong start and nothing quite beats the sense of achievement once you finish your jog. Sure, you will be tired and sweaty but knowing that you have taken a step to get fitter is a great feeling.

That’s it! Remember that if you are exercising you need to power your body, and what better way than with one of our Trek Bars – they are packed with protein and other natural ingredients to give you the energy to reach your full potential whether you are a beginner or seasoned jogger. Check out our other fitness articles for more ideas and enjoy a healthier lifestyle!


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