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Jogging Tips for Summer

jogging Tips for the Summer

Jogging is an excellent excuse to get out in the open air and exercise – it’s simple, easy to perform and the intensity of the exercise can be adjusted to your preferences!  

It’s also a time efficient source of exercise requiring no equipment and merely the open spaces around you making it easy to fit into busy lifestyles. Here are some tips for jogging so you too can reap the many benefits of the exercise.

Make sure you stretch!

It can be easy to underestimate the impact of jogging on the body due to its low-intense demand but stretching is essential for any exercise; it’s a major insurance option to lower chances of injury or discomfort. Stretching essentially limbers up your legs in preparation for the constant jarring impact on your feet and legs; it’s a good idea to round-off your jog with a stretch too!

Dress appropriately

This is essential to an optimal workout and averting any injury or strains. The best get-up for the jogging occasion can be found in a good pair of light trainers/running shoes which greatly lowers the impact of the ground on your feet. Jogging bottoms (obviously) and a loose T-shirt will allow your limbs the freedom to move around a little easier and increase airflow.

Make it interesting

Jogging has the tendency to be pretty repetitive and boring, but that’s only to those who don’t put themselves out there to discover new and interesting routes. Use it as an excuse to explore new and picturesque areas in your local environment. You can also structure your jog in different ways – rather than having one long whole route, why not set yourself mini goals along the way? For instance, aim to get to the park in under 10 minutes. Or, why not soundtrack your run with your favourite fast-paced tunes.

Celebrate the little things!

There’s no external pressure in jogging other than the goals you set yourself and although it’s good to be hard on yourself to progress, there’s no need to run any faster than you are able to or skip a rest break. The act of getting in the open is an achievement in itself, in fact, there are plenty of benefits to exercising in the midst of Mother Nature - check out our post which dives into why you should exercise outside.

Remember that putting your body through exercise requires the correct fuel which can be found in TREK Bars and TREK Chunks which are great company to this style of exercise. They’re packed with a huge amount of protein and are comprised of completely natural ingredients.


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