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Nakd bars and bog snorkelling

Nakd Bars Bog Snorkelling

Recently we spoke to Danny Bent, one of our favourite Nākd people, about the Alternative Olympics, his current adventures and his love of Nākd bars. Here's what he said.

Hi Danny, for those who don’t already know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a general lover of life. I’ve competed at World championships for Triathlon, Duathlon and Quadrathlon, but my greatest sporting achievement was cycling from London to Southern India. I wrote a book on this journey that has gone on to sell 100,000 copies in its first year of publishing.

I’m a junior school teacher by trade, motivational speaker, photographer and award winning journalist. I recently set up an initiative to raise £1million for the charity Arms Around The Child by encouraging others to live their dreams, or live life to the full. If you want to know more go to:

How did you discover Nākd bars?

I contacted Nākd to see if they would like to partner up and share some of the fun I have - and we just clicked. As well as being naturally, charming, witty and intelligent the guys were totally bonkers too - which I loved.

Why do you like them so much?

As soon as a tasted my first Nākd bar - I think it was a Apple Pie one - I was hooked. I loved how delicious they were and then when i realised that they were totally natural and I wasn't throwing loads of process junk inside me I was sold 100%. Since then they have powered me all the way to India, won 5 world championships, helped break 2 world records, fuelled me through numerous international triathlons - as well as through plenty of training rides and runs.

What have you been up to recently?

I’ve been giving motivational talks all across the UK, and creating schemes of work to make learning fun for junior school children. I’m still competing at triathlon, encouraging people to sign up to OneOneOneOne, and working towards my next adventures.

We hear you’ve appeared in the Guinness Book of Records! How did this come about?

My sister and I have a whole page spread in this years (already out) GBWR. 4 years ago now we competed in the Bog Snorkelling Triathlon World Championships and have both beaten the world record twice in those four years.

How do you train for bog snorkelling? Any tips for would-be snorkellers?!

I love getting muddy – the harder the race and the more muddy and slushy the ground the better for me. Basically I roll around in mud all winter in preparation. It rocks.

You’ve cycled from London to India in the past. What motivated you to do such a gruelling trip?

As an 11 year old I was stood in front of my school and asked by my teacher, with all my classmates, what we wanted to do in life. Doctor, footballer, politician… it got to my turn… shyly I told the school I wanted to cycle round the world and raise money for charity.
Almost 20 years later, when I was working as a teacher myself, I decided I was going to work in a school in Rural India and in line with my green awareness policy at school decided to cycle out there.

Have you got any tips for us?

Anything you do in life I feel, to succeed, you have to enjoy it. So find something you enjoy and live it with all your might!!

Can you tell us a bit about the World Alternative Games you’re taking part in?

The idea for the World Alternative Games was born after it was announced that London, the largest city in the UK, would be hosting the Olympics in 2012. As one of the greatest sporting events on the calendar, it seemed a wasted opportunity not to hold some sort of celebration in Llanwrtyd, the smallest town in the UK, to commemorate this. With crazy events such as bathtub racing, nettle eating, and of course Bog Snorkelling anyone can join in the fun!

Sounds awesome! Will you be keeping any Olympic traditions at all?

There will be an Opening and closing ceremonies together with medals (a Corinthian medal for all who enter in addition to the gold silver and bronze for the winners)

How can people get involved?

Tickets will be available from the website: in the coming weeks. People can also get involved as volunteers or marshals at the events.

Finally, what have you got planned next?

There are many exciting plans for the future. There is talk of a “You’ve Gone Too Far This Time, Sir” film. I am planning a tour of Northern America by bicycle, and few other little secrets!!
You can buy Danny bent’s book You’ve Gone Too Far This Time, Sir on his website or from any good book shop. If you want to sign up as a warrior, living your dream whilst raising £1million then take a look at his amazing fundraising website



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