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New Year: New You? Follow These Motivation Boosters!

New Year New You

With 2015 around the corner, everyone is thinking about their health and fitness New Year’s resolutions or “intentions”. Following a nutrition and exercise program that gives you a healthy body you can be proud of is actually a lifestyle. The more motivation and support you receive the easier your journey will be.

Follow our helpful motivation boosters to help you stay on track this New Year! 

Brush Up – A light brush of your teeth after each meal can help you keep your calories in check. Cleaning your pallet and having a minty fresh taste in your mouth stops you reaching for more food.

Shop Skinny – Head off to the shops and buy a few items of clothing that are the size you want to be, instead of the size you are. This is a great way to motivate you as nobody wants to waste money.

Get Snapping – A photograph doesn’t lie and as such most overweight people actively avoid the camera. Clear progress is a great motivation maintainer; which is why people often weigh them selves on a weekly basis. Take this a step further and photograph your self once a month for the next 6 months. Seeing your body shape transform as you transform your life is the biggest motivation booster.

Little & Often –You actually need to keep eating to lose weight and maintain a healthy size. Try eating 5-6 small, well-balanced meals per day. Do not slip into the trap of missing meals and cutting below advised portions sizes thinking this will speed up your results. Little and often is key, eating unprocessed foods and including plenty of protein, good fats and natural sources of carbohydrates. Carry a healthy snack with you like protein packed Nakd crunch bars to keep your blood sugars level and reduce the risk of you reaching for highly processed convenience snacks like crisps.

Small Swaps – Consider making extra small changes to your diet that you previously thought were irrelevant. Small changes do add up over time and can form part of a good nutritional routine and healthy choices. E.g. try swapping semi-skimmed milk for skimmed goats milk, switch your half plate of spaghetti for a quarter and make up the rest with vegetables. Switch whole eggs for egg whites, swap sugary cereals for porridge and try swapping coffee for metabolism boosting Green Tea.

Alcohol – It’s no surprise that alcohol inhibits weight loss. But if you do like a tipple then choose to pour yourself an antioxidant rich glass of red, rather than a sugar laden beer or sugar fuelled cocktail to save calories.

Mix it up – January is the month when people start a routine of running, going to the gym or include some form of exercise in their weekly routines. But beware of getting into a rut. Aim to try a new workout each month, and schedule your weekly exercise sessions in your diary.

Phone Fitness – How much time do you spend on the phone, whether it is on work or social calls? The chances are it's hours a day. And this is usually spent sat on your bottom! Make the decision to take phone calls whilst standing up, walking around and even doing light exercises such as squats or lunges. You’ll burn extra calories without taking time out of your day, and your posture and back will thank you too!

Pre Plan – Preparation and planning is the key to success when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Use your diary to note all your workouts. Olympic athletes always keep a training diary, to ensure they complete their weekly workouts and see what type of training was most successful. Always have a post workout snack to aid the bodies recovery in the 30 min window post exercise, try a TREK protein bar; which includes essential carbs and proteins to replenish depleted muscles.

Pre plan your meals for work; carry snacks with you like mixed raw nuts, berries, protein shakes and fruit. You are then much less likely to buy processed high calorie vending machine snacks.



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