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Six Brilliant Gym Class Ideas

6 Brilliant Gym Ideas

Gyms aren’t all about weights and treadmills! If you want to do something a little different that still gets you into tip-top shape, consider trying out a gym class. Not only do you get to try new things, but classes are often in groups and you’ll meet new people and have a blast! Our friends at Hillmotts know a thing or two about fitness and are here to share six brilliant gym class ideas for you to try:

HITT training 

Known by a variety of names including “Insanity” or “High Intensity Training” these workouts are best done in small groups at your local fitness centre for a number of reasons. Firstly they are HARD, so if you do them in a group of other people you get the benefit of them spurring you on and helping you to push out that extra 20% effort! Secondly, done wrongly they can be dangerous so it’s always best done under supervision until you’re experienced enough to do it on your own.


There are many varieties of Yoga, including HOT Yoga, which can be very beneficial to your health. Yoga is best practiced in a gym/class based environment due to the demands it places on your body and the technical difficulty. Working out with people around you teaches you the correct form when practicing Yoga, so doing this at your local gym is much better than trying it at home.

Indoor bootcamp

This can only really be done at your local gym and combines circuit style exercises with equipment based exercises thrown in such as leg presses, chin ups and chest presses. It’s fantastic for an all over body workout with cardio and strength conditioning but best done at a gym due to the technique needed and the equipment required.


When most people think of Aqua classes at their local gym they think of older people and slow movement, but think again!! A lot of gyms now offer high intensity aqua based classes that can only really be done in a large pool. They can give a fantastic workout both aerobically and resistance based – it’s important you try a few different instructors as this particular class can be hit and miss but when it’s done well it can be really fun!

Street dance

Again this can be known under a few different names but mostly it’s called “Modern” or “Street” dance. For those of you who prefer cardio style classes that are based around dance these are the perfect choice. Doing this at home is not quite as fun as it is at in a gym environment with lots of people they are high energy and bags of fun!


Yes that old favourite! This popular class isn’t going anywhere because it’s almost impossible to do on your own. This class is all about having an instructor there to change up the tempo and keep you moving. It’s not for everyone as it’s extremely intense if done properly and you will sweat, so if you’re not a fan of coming out of a class bright red and sweaty then maybe try something else! For those of you who love that feeling then get back to your gym and into a spinning class this summer!


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