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The 7 Secrets of Gym motivation

7 Secrets of Gym Motivation

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to start going to the gym. The New Year offers us a fresh burst of energy, however it can be tough to maintain the same motivation and drive after a few months of training. We’ve come up with seven secret gym motivations to get you back on the path to fitness and health.

1. Have a gym induction.

This is a fantastic place to start. A gym instructor or personal trainer will be on board to help design a programme that will target the areas you want to improve. Once you have a set plan, you can then measure your progress each week.

2. Get a gym buddy to motivate you.

Not only is there a social aspect to having someone by your side but another benefit is the added gym motivation to go again. Another option here is group training – check out our post on why you should take up group training.

3. Reward yourself.

Putting in all this extra effort in the gym doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself for going. A low fat treat is sometimes what you need, whether it is a small bar of chocolate (or a TREK Bar!), a marathon of your favourite TV show. If you’ve earned it, don’t feel guilty about doing it! It’s all about having a balance.

4. Make gym motivation fun.

The thought of doing endless stomach crunches and lifts can be uninspiring and tedious so you need to make it fun. Most gyms offer a range of classes which can vary from yoga to spinning, boxing to street dance. Give it a go and inject a bit of fun into your workout!

5. Take before and after photos.

This may sound strange but it is a fantastic way to keep track of your progress. In a private place, take a ‘before’ photo of yourself and then every month take another in the same pose. There’s nothing better than physically seeing the change in your body.

6. Make the time to be motivated.

Many people swerve the gym and blame it on lack of time or their work load. A handy tip is to look at your diary and find a set time where you will be able to go each day. First thing in the morning is a great start to the day and if you don’t have time to go at lunch perhaps go after work instead. It’s all about fitting your work out around your daily routine.

For some further tips on this check out our article healthy eating and exercise for busy lifestyles.

7. Set a goal.

What is your reason in starting the gym again? Have you got a holiday planned and want to get in shape? Or an occasion on the horizon? Whatever the reason, the answer is the same. Make small goals. You are more likely to achieve them and it makes it a lot easier to reach your overall goal. The results will then speak for themselves!

With these simple motivational tips, you will be well on your way of achieving your fitness goal and becoming a regular once more at the gym. Just remember to take small steps each day, don’t run before you can walk, literally. If you have this strategy in mind, you can’t fail. Good luck!


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