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Top 10 motivational tips from James Daly

10 Motivational Tips

At Natural Balance Foods we think staying fit and healthy is down to one simple thing: motivation! James, our very own fitness expert, has helped people from all walks of life to stay motivated and increase their fitness levels, including BBC Radio 1 DJ Vernon Kay. Here are his top ten motivational tips:

1. People who write down their goals are much more likely to achieve them! Do this simple exercise: write down 3 health and fitness related goals that you want to achieve, and keep the list somewhere safe.

2. Make small, important changes to your lifestyle - remember, small steps lead to big results! Every journey starts with a single step.

3. Take the stairs, avoid the lift or escalator where possible. Not only will you burn more calories, your legs also get a good workout.

4. Combine Trek protein bars with a healthy diet and exercise. A balanced diet and regular exercise is the key to good overall health.

5. Always sip, never gulp! Keep a bottle of water by your side all day and keep sipping to stay hydrated. This will keep you going and help you to feel energised.

6. Learn how to do the 'Deadlift' properly - one of the most effective full body exercises that exists.

7. Set new goals - set yourself a fresh exercise goal every 4-6 weeks. A new goal will motivate you and prevent boredom creeping in.

8. Realise that you can’t change the past - don't dwell on missed exercise or bad eating. Look ahead, never behind. Start TODAY!

9. Take up a challenge - fancy a 5k charity run or event? Having this to work towards will give you focus whilst keeping you motivated.

10. Progress wherever possible - Whatever exercise you choose try to ensure that is progressive. A longer walk, a quicker run...onwards and upwards!

Finally, it’s important to remember this well-known phrase: the pain of discipline is nothing compared to the pain of disappointment, so stay disciplined and stay motivated. As James says, “make the effort to keep going and you will see great results!”



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