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Why You Should Exercise Outside

Why You Should Exercise Outside

Many of us exclusively exercise inside whether it‘s at the gym or within the comforts of our own homes. Even though working out is profoundly beneficial to you regardless of setting, there are plenty of extra benefits exercising outside can offer. Here are a few reasons why you should be exercising outside.

You’re less likely to get bored

The change in scenery will be a much-welcomed change to the walls of the gym. It may even give you a more effective drive to exercise in general as you’ll want to get out to take in brand new environments. This factor may even enable you to stick more religiously to a routine rather than getting bored and stale in the same environment.

There are plenty of exciting ways to exercise outside

Parks and natural spaces are ideal spots for cardiovascular workouts such as running and cycling, however, there are many options beyond this. Gymnasiums have been built in many parks across the UK as part of The Great Outdoor Gym Company. These sites feature leg presses, cross-trainers, spinning bikes and more at each of their locations. They are completely free to use too! Find out where your nearest gym is here.

Exercising outside also gives you the excuse to take up a new hobby that you hadn’t thought of trying before. Why not join a rowing team? Or maybe try out sailing, rock-climbing or outdoor swimming? It’s always great when you can actually enjoy your workout!    

You’ll reap the benefits of nature

Being outside in the open offers you many benefits, in the sunshine you’ll be exposed to Vitamin D which assists our bones and metabolism. Additionally, it has been proven that you can burn more calories in the open, this is due to the more uneven ground you’ll encounter through parks and forests which burns up more energy than your regular flat run on the treadmill. Additionally the resistance of wind assists in burning calories.

You’ll be free to do as you please

Gyms are often congested with other fitness folk who take up exercise equipment, in the open air with nature as your exercise resource you’re free to use as much or as little as you please. This also gives you mental space, many people carry out exercise for the peace of mind it offers – studies have also found that there is a connection between exercising outside and heightened self-esteem.

It’s cheap

Perhaps the best factor of all – exercising outside is cheap! A jog in the park doesn’t cost you anything at all as do the outdoor gym sites. If you’re trying to keep to a budget then this is a perfect way to cut down your costs rather than paying for a gym membership which can be very expensive when totalled up.    

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