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Why you should take up group training

 Group Training 2

Have you ever thought about group training? Or joining any exercise classes?

While some of us are ‘lone rangers’ using the gym to switch off from the outside world and lock into a meditative-like mind-set, others enjoy group training alongside like-minded individuals coming together to inspire, motivate and tackle seemingly impossible tasks together.

We take a deep dive into the awesome benefits that group training has to offer.

Enjoy the motivational atmosphere

There’s nothing worse than hitting a wall without anybody else around to help dig you out of it. When exercising alone it’s easy to slip off your training schedule as there are no consequences outside of your own personal health and gain – the same can’t be said for those who train in groups.  The beauty of working out in a group training session is the motivational atmosphere surrounding the room. Should you find yourself struggling to perform that last rep, squat or mile, you’ll be surrounded by words of encouragement from your peers.

A sense of duty

Some of your group training may require team-ups and spotting one another throughout certain tasks. So, when you first wake to that early alarm and consider opting for an hour in bed instead – you won’t just be letting yourself down; you’ll be letting fellow classmates down as well. It’s this sense of duty which gives you that drive to get out of bed so you can support and help others in your group succeed.

Friendly Competition

Most successful figures have friendly competition with one another which helps drive them to greater and greater heights. The same can be found at group training – you’ll naturally have healthy competition with your team mates, you’ll be more inspired to complete a task well and correctly if you see somebody execute a move before you.

Advice from your peers & friends!

As you’re in the same group, chances are that you’ll have similar goals and desired outcomes to the people around you. This means you have common grounds to socialise and exchange your different approaches and tips. Who knows, you may make a workout buddy for life!

There are many different exercises and classes including kick boxing, spin classes and HIIT/interval training. Discover more TREK articles in Fitness Tips for more insightful articles such as 6 things we learnt from Tough Mudder, 5 ways to run trail faster and 6 brilliant gym class ideas.


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