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4 Morning Stretches for Health and Wellbeing

4 morning stretches

Waking up to that morning alarm can be a tough one for the best of us, but there are simple ways to help ease the transition from the land of nod to the world of the working day. Starting your day with some quick and easy morning stretches will allow you to organise your thoughts and energise both your body and mind before stepping into the busy day ahead. Give these 4 stretching exercises a go after taking a warm shower so that the blood is pumping and your muscles are looser – the perfect way to begin your day!

Long Stretch

This is an easy and satisfying stretch to start off with – simply take a deep breath and reach upwards with both arms as high as you can, feeling the stretch pull through your back, shoulders and torso as you slowly breathe out again. Repeat this movement 10 times to loosen your muscles and help the blood flow across your body so you’re fired up for the day ahead.

Upper Back Release

This stretching exercise focuses on the upper back and the back of the shoulders, it’s the perfect antidote to an uncomfortable night’s sleep or for those days when you wake up feeling particularly stiff and achy. Clasping your hands together and keeping arms straight, stretch them in front of you until you can feel the pull in your back and shoulders. Hold this position, take 2-3 deep breaths, then release.

If you think of yourself as a night owl, check out our post on how to be a morning person which explores how to establish a good routine so you can spring out of bed every day.

Child’s Pose

Stepping it up a little, this stretch requires you to kneel down so you might want to find a soft surface or use a yoga mat. Kneel on the floor, resting directly on your feet, and take a deep breath. Then place your palms on the floor in front of you, and move them forward as far as you can pull, slowly breathing out. Rest here for 5 deep breaths, with your forehead touching the ground, and then pull back up to starting position and repeat as necessary.  This morning stretch is commonly used in yoga, and helps you to calm down and release stress ahead of the working day - a refreshing way to ease into the day.

Standing Forward Bend

On your feet again! This energising morning stretch definitely gets the blood flowing to the brain, and particularly targets hamstrings and lower back. Stand with feet hip-distance apart and slightly bend your knees. Then, putting your hands on your elbows, allow your upper body to hang down over your legs, so you are facing your knees. Take 2-3 deep breaths and gently turn your head from side to side, then up and down. Pull yourself back up slowly and gently.

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