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5 Ways To Add A Little Delight To Your Breaks


Whether it’s changing your environment or activating another part of your brain - it’s important to shake things up with your breaks and add a little delight! Your quality of work will no doubt deteriorate in the absence of a proper break – it can give you a fresh perspective on a problem, revive you with new energy and keeps you healthy.

Read on for 5 tips designed to improve your break, mentality and outlook day to day.


Having an invigorating, interesting conversation at lunch is a great way to illuminate different parts of your mind particularly if you’re in a line of work where communication isn’t a huge part of your day. Work places are a good way to connect with people from varying backgrounds, the personalities will most likely differ from your friendship group – engaging in conversations with individuals with different thoughts and opinions is a great exercise; it gives us a broader view of the world. Incite a conversation by inviting people out for a walk or planning lunchtime social events so you can share the benefits with others. At first this might feel out of your comfort zone, as every new experience will, but you’ll go back to your desk feeling more confident and approachable. Plus, you’ll benefit in the long run as those stuffy network events will be far more enjoyable!

Get Creative

If you’re experiencing a day full of menial tasks, it’s good to activate the more creative part of your brain so you don’t lose focus or concentration. This can be reached through some simple creative tasks – all you need is a pen and a sheet of paper. One option is doodling which has been linked to many positive factors despite its reputation for signifying distraction or lack of concentration. Some of these include mindfulness, improved productivity and increased concentration. Read our full article which breaks down the 5 Benefits of a Daily Doodle.

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Alternatively, you can try freewriting. This is an activity where you allow your subconscious to spill on to the paper – keep writing for as long as you feel carrying on even if the sentence doesn’t make sense at all. If you go back to it later you might be able to fish something great out of it – whether it be a story or an idea. Visualisation exercises can also give you a newfound focus in time for the afternoon – activating your creative mind opens up different avenues and thought processes allowing you to have a fresh perspective on your tasks when you return to your desk.   

Knowledge boost

Eye-strain from staring at the glare of the computer screen all day long can have a physical impact in the form of blurred vision, sore eyes and headaches particularly if your office is poorly lit. It’s advised to have a significant break from your screen and what better way is there than having a cuppa and a 10 minute escape with a podcast or immerse yourself in a fictional world temporarily with a short story. Reading itself holds a bunch of benefits including the expansion of knowledge, memory capacity and vocabulary and also forces us to switch off from the technology around us  and the temptation to check your feeds.

Find a new spot for lunch

If you’re somebody who tends to eat lunch at your desks, then think about reconsidering that habit. Obviously, it’s not always possible to slip away from your desk under work deadlines and bad weather but you should always aim to get out the office environment for a good period of time. New experiences, no matter how big or small, opens up our mind somewhat as it allows us to view our world in fresh new ways (in fact, it’s one of the major points of our everyday mindfulness techniques). 

If you’re fortunate enough to have a local park or green space near you then take a walk or settle down there for a quick lunch. Taking a walk in an outdoor space is a great way to relieve stress and has a calming effect on people’s moods. Although there is no solid answer to the reason behind this, there are many studies that point to the floral aromas which surround you in green spaces and parks. Read more on the topic here.

Try a different snack or cuppa!

Even changing up something as simple as a break time snack can be a great way to gain a fresh perspective on your day ahead, and an opportunity to make your diet healthier. Try switching the crisps for some nuts and seeds, or switch the chocolate bar for a Nakd bar! Our brand new Nakd Cocoa Coconut bar is the perfect company to a lovely warm cup of tea on a mid-morning or afternoon break, taking you to your own little bit of nature’s paradise.

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