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7 Food Myths Cleared Up!

7 Food Myths

Carbs are bad! Microwaves turn food radioactive! Lettuce is from space! There are a lot of food myths out there, so we thought we would look at some of the more common ones and hopefully clear up a few misconceptions…

1: You can’t get enough protein from plant-based diets

The idea that plant-based diets lack sufficient protein isn’t true! There are many benefits of eating plant-based proteins (such as nuts and seeds), including their low levels of saturated fat and higher amount of heart-healthy ‘good fats’.

Plant-based wholefoods (especially those that are raw), are easy for your body to digest because they contain lots of fibre! This means our bodies spend less energy on digestion, leaving us feeling more active throughout the day.

2: Radiation from microwaves creates dangerous compounds in your food.

“Radiation” might conjure up images of nuclear plants, but it simply refers to energy that travels in waves and spreads out as it goes. Microwaves are technically a form of radiation, but before you put the hazmat suit on, the levels are extremely low and only generate heat inside the food, instead of inside the microwaves themselves. Microwave cooking is really no different from any other cooking methods that applies heat to food, but take care to use only microwave-safe containers!

3: The fewer carbs, the healthier you are.

The country is in a carb craze at the moment, but the truth is that we need them to live! Don’t cut out carbs entirely but instead eat whole grain alternatives to common carb-staples such as rice, pasta and bread. Studies show that women and men who eat whole grains have 20 to 30 per cent less heart disease. Separately, in a 2010 study of more than 13,000 adults, those who ate the most servings of whole grains had lower body fat! Read more about carbs.

4: Animal protein is the only protein that builds muscle

Plant-based proteins won’t make you lose muscle; in fact, athletes of all types, body builders, triathletes, yogis and runners can build incredible muscle strength and bulk with plant-based proteins.

It’s all about choosing the right kind of protein that can help you build and sustain muscle. The best protein comes from whole foods and plants such as sprouted nuts, seeds, or pseudo-grains which are rich in antioxidants and can help to reduce the inflammation caused by exercise, resulting in faster recovery times after training.

5: Feed a cold, starve a fever

There’s no medical reason to limit foods when you’re feverish. While you may have less of an appetite, you should eat whatever you can tolerate. In fact, when you’re sick, your nutritional needs increase because your metabolic rate goes up.

6: Fat-free and low-fat foods are always better than full-fat versions

When manufacturers remove a certain ingredient (such as fat) from certain foods, they need to compensate for the taste by adding other not-so-healthy ingredients (such as more sugar or salt!). If you’re considering buying a ‘low fat’ option, compare the salts and sugar levels to the original product and you might actually be better off choosing something else entirely!

7: Frozen canned fruits and veggies are less nutritious than fresh ones

Fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than the frozen and canned variety, but of course this doesn’t mean they aren’t still healthy! The foods you find in the produce section have often had a long journey, often spending days or even weeks in transit from the farm or orchard.

During shipping and storage, natural enzymes are released in fresh fruit and vegetables that cause them to lose nutrients. By contrast, food processors quick-freeze fresh-picked produce, which preserves much of its vitamin and mineral content.

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