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9 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

9 Ways to Beat the January Blues

January is a strange time for all. We enter a new year after the festivities of Christmas with hopes, resolutions and motives for the year ahead, however as we recline back into the regular routine, it’s not uncommon for us to feel a little blue. Beat the January blues with our healthy and mood-boosting tips.

To help, here are 9 ways to ensure you fight off those January blues in mind, body and spirit!


You may talk-the-talk when discussing New Year’s Resolutions with your peers, but do you walk-the-walk? Exercise is the most common resolution which can dwindle rapidly if you fall out of a routine. If you’re really going to take it seriously, it needs to become fully ingrained in your routine to start having an effect – this takes organisation, drive and loyalty to the regime. Head over to our guide on how to love exercise to get acquainted with the great feeling expelled from keeping to a routine.

Set Yourself Realistic Goals

New Year is a unit of measurement for many, it’s used to assess your position in life in terms of career and desires – this particular aspect is a common cause of the widespread ‘blue’ mood. In a psychological study carried out by the University of Exeter, researchers found that this feeling is linked to the “perception of a gap between how someone wants things to be and how they actually are. These actual idea-discrepancies are highlighted at this time of the year”. Therefore, you must make small, realistic goals for your year ahead and reach them one little step at a time.

Get Yourself Some Vitamin D

The sunshine is few and far between in the miniscule 8 hours of sunlight we experience throughout January, as opposed to the 17 hours we receive throughout the Summer. This means you have to go out of your way to catch those rays, so be sure to step out for a lunchtime stroll or take the long way when you’re walking to work. Exposure to sunlight allows us to begin synthesising Vitamin D which is an essential vitamin for healthy bones; it also boosts the immune system which will help trump those blue feelings!

Read more on the health benefits of sunlight and find out how to use your work breaks effectively.

Find A New Exercise Routine or Sport

Bored of your current routine? Well change is a good thing and there are literally thousands of exercise practices available to target every part of your anatomy! At NBF, we’re big fans of bodyweight exercises.

Spice Up Your Meals 

Get inspired by your meals throughout the day! If you have been consuming the same circulation of meal ideas for a while then maybe it’s time to change it up. Head to the Natural Balance Foods’ recipe section to begin your culinary journey – it contains a vast selection of beautiful recipe types from  vegan Breakfast to Dessert!

The Lovely Lunches section is particularly great for those looking to cut-down on the amount of lunches you purchase day-to-day. It’s a big problem for a lot of people, and a swift night-before preparation will be incredibly friendly on your wallet and your body!


Socialising with friends, old or new, has profound benefits on your mood - interaction heightens self-confidence and self-esteem which is helpful in reducing feelings of stress. Sports and exercise are a great way of socialising, why not try joining a sports class, gym session or society? Or alternatively, explore our post which lists 5 great ways to exercise with friends so you can gather some pals and organise some fitness get-togethers.

Eat More Wholefoods

Why not make the change to a wholefood diet? Those who have switched not only make a dietary change but a lifestyle change, for the better! Eating natural foods without the presence of artificial ingredients which dominate the modern food market will have a profound effect on your health, and with that your mood and outlook will follow suit.

Take Time Out from Tech

As our lives have become so ingrained with tech and screens, most of us rarely seize a chance to kick back and think, free from the bombardment of onscreen antics. There are still plenty of activities to facilitate our millennial minds away from the screen, such as reading a book, writing or drawing. This is particularly important for the last hour before bed, the array of artificial lights which illuminates our daily lives are damaging to our body clock and therefore sleep pattern. Better sleep equals a healthier mind and boost in productivity and energy levels!

Make Small Changes

The key theme underlining all of these steps is change. You must be careful not to push yourself too hard, small changes have the biggest impact in the long run.  Remember these changes don’t have to be physical or dietary or even cutting things out, it could be purely focussed on building on your skills or expanding your interests into new avenues. These tips aren’t just for January but something you can exercise all year round. So be sparing, start light and before you know it you’ll find those blues will subside. 


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