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A look at powerfoods!

a look at power foods

If you haven’t yet crossed paths with powerfoods, today is your lucky day. So, what makes a food powerful? Well, read on and find out! From incredible healing qualities to never-ending sources of soluble fibre, we’ve put together a few common powerfoods to get you started and your body feeling great!


Delicious, affordable and a brilliant way to bulk out dishes like hearty stews; lentils are little beauties with a whole heap of nutritional qualities. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just stay healthy, lentils are a great place to start as they’re low in calories, contain minimal fat and are full of slow-burning fibre to keep you fuller for longer. On top of this, they have a good amount of protein as they pack around 26g per 100g.


As spices go, there are few that can compete with the number of benefits ginger brings to the table. Also known as a folk medicine, ginger can help stabilise your body in numerous different ways. From helping regulate your digestive system to relieving joint pain with its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is real miracle worker when it comes to relief and wellbeing. Try adding some in your tea or even a lovely veggie stir-fry!


Another spice to fire up your body! Food lovers praise chilli for its ability to added some heat to cooking, but its health properties are also pretty great.  As well as being a source of folic acid, Vitamin C and magnesium, chillies have been found to help fight the advancement of heart disease and even contain anti-cancer properties. Want an excuse to rev up the heat next mealtime? Look no further.

Hemp Seeds

If you’re a fan of nuts, then hemp seeds can join the ranks of handy go-to snacks! Containing all nine essential amino acids, hemp seeds are a plant-based food that provides complete protein, making them a perfect addition to any pre or post-workout meal.  Unlike flaxseeds, you don’t need to grind them in order to absorb the abundance of soluble fibre, iron and potassium lurking within. Why not give them ago and see what you think; try sprinkling on a salad, adding a spoonful to soup or even blending up for a breakfast smoothie.


Many people see celery as just another salad topper to add a layer of crunchy texture to a plate of greens, whereas in reality it’s a ninja in storing waves of different nutrients, many of which contain healing properties. Alongside storing heaps of Vitamin K, A and C, celery is also said to help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of cancer and even prevent the degeneration of vision. More than just a bit of crunch!

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