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A look at powerfoods!

a look at power foods

Powerfoods are essentially the foods which pack the biggest nutritional punch, and we’re here to champion the best which you should consider fitting into your diet and recipe repertoire. These foods can offer everything from healing qualities to a rich source of particular nutrients, whatever it is, these foods are certain to make you feel great.


Whilst being an incredibly tasty and warming ingredient, ginger also offers up a plethora of benefits too! Ginger can assist in regulating your digestive system, as well as offering up anti-inflammatory properties being most prevalent as a reliever to joint problems and pains. This miracle worker can also be easily added to a variety of meal types; try adding this to stir-fry dishes, soups and even your tea! Discover the wider health benefits of ginger here.


Cheap, delicious and an awesome addition to meals you’re looking to bulk out; these babies lend themselves well to stews and soups because of their delectable consistencies and nutritional qualities. They are a great nutritional tool for those looking to lose weight being low in calories and containing fat-burning fibre which will help you to feel fuller for longer. You’ll also find there’s about a whopping 26g of protein for every 100g.

Hemp Seeds

Hemps seeds are a fantastic handy snack next to fruits and nuts. These seeds contain all of the nine essential amino acids, as well as providing complete protein which makes them ideal for pre or post-workout food. You can have these as they come too, you don’t have to go through the task of grinding these down to unlock the soluble fibre, potassium and iron like flaxseeds require. Start adding these to your soups, stews, breakfasts and smoothies. Check out our breakfast recipes and smoothies recipes. Hemp seeds are part of our super seeds selection - discover the list in full here.


This is another super spice holding many nutritional qualities! Chillies are a great source of Vitamin C, folic acid and magnesium; they’ve been proven to assist in the prevention of heart disease and even has links to the prevention of cancer. If you’re a fan of spicy food, then don’t hesitate in vamping up your chilli intake!


Celery often gets discarded as a seasoning or topping, where in fact it offers up a huge amount of nutrients and healing qualities. Celery is brimming with Vitamin K, A and C; it also assists in lowering blood pressure, reducing cancer risk and even has links to preventing the degeneration of vision. All of these prove that it’s way more than just a bit of an addition to another meal.      


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