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Alternative and Fun Exercises

Alternative and Fun Exercises

We commonly rely on the gym for our workout needs, but sometimes it’s great to look elsewhere to reach the same goals outside of the standard gym set-up.

We’ve rounded up some fantastic fun exercises which are all far from the first thing that springs to mind when you think of exercising, but all provide incredible benefits in their own unique ways. One of our Everyday Mindfulness Techniques includes trying something new because it allows you to view the world from a different perspective; trialing a new workout is one of the many ways you can introduce something new to the everyday.

Aerial Yoga

This is yoga, but like you’ve never seen it before. Using a hammock and some well warmed-up limbs, this workout will get you flexing into positions which will benefit your entire body. This particular style of yoga was invented in California and being free from the gravitational pull allows you to bend your body in ways that aren’t possible when you’re stuck to the ground; it also allows your spine and hip joints to relax which are frequently used in most bodyweight exercises. It’s an incredibly complimentary exercise to those with back problems, by hanging upside down, you can let your spine lengthen and stretch. 

If you love yoga, then you can explore 5 types of yoga for you and your mat here.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This is a great exercise if you like to get outside in nature or out on the water! The sport consists of standing upright on a paddle board using an oar to move yourself along the water - think of it like captaining one of those Venetian boats but without the striped shirt and straw hat, or gondola for that matter. Balance is a fundamental part of paddle boarding which means you experience a full body workout; it’s also low impact so chances of injury are unlikely. Plus, being out on a calm body of water is an incredibly peaceful environment which allows you to unload especially after a hard day at the office.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is an incredibly effective way to exercise your core muscle groups. Pivoting and winding around the pole is demanding of your abdominal, leg, arm and back muscles. On top of this, it also improves flexibility and coordination. Classes for this newfound alternative workout have popped up everywhere so you’re guaranteed to find somewhere with pole dancing facilities nearby.


Born first as a form of combat training for battle in the middle ages, fencing progressed into a sport in the 18th century and has remained ever since. Agility is a key ability you’ll need for this fun exercise. This combat sport is a great form of cardiovascular exercise with its demand for speedy reflexes and light, nimble movements. Fencing also exercises your mind, you’ll need to read and pre-empt your opponent’s movements if you’re going to be in with any chance of winning. Check out British Fencing to find a local club you can get involved in.


This is a fun and exciting sport which will have you leaping and laughing. You’ll have to be quick on your feet and be prepared to take some hits, but everything’s in good nature of course! The sport requires short bursts of sprinting and weaving, ducking and diving; this demand means the sport can be classed as a form of Interval Training. It’s also a fun exercise to do with friends and family as it doesn’t require any specific skillsets, why not head up to the park with a ball with some pals and get a game going? Read more about interval training in our article which explores the topic.

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We love nature here at Nakd, all of our Nakd bars are made with completely natural ingredients; just nuts, berries and a hint of natural flavouring smooshed together. In fact, our Nakd Breakfast Bars are the perfect snack to bring along to these alternative workouts as a pre or post-exercise nibble, but they work just as well beside a morning cuppa!


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