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Balancing your blood glucose

Blood Glucose

We have all heard the phrase ‘sugar rush and have probably experienced it ourselves at one point after drinking lots of cola or enjoying a nice big chunk of chocolate. What goes up must always come down and people may find their energy levels plummet and fluctuate throughout the day after enjoying sugary foods. Monitoring and regulating your blood glucose levels through healthy snacks is a great way to keep your energy levels normal and is especially important for diabetics.

The energy rollercoaster 

Some substances release glucose quickly into the bloodstream including refined carbohydrates such as white flour, sugar and biscuits. While these foods lead to a sudden burst of energy, the effect is short-lived as the body promptly releases insulin in order to lower  blood glucose levels. Low blood glucose levels result in tiredness, lack of concentration and irritability. This signals the adrenal glands to secrete another hormone, adrenalin, to boost blood glucose levels. At the same we turn to sugary foods and stimulants. This again pushes up blood glucose too quickly and promotes a rollercoaster of energy highs and lows.

Some tips to control your glucose levels

So that’s the science, how about the practice? How can you keep your glucose levels more stable?

• Eat regularly helps to stabilise blood glucose levels.
• Enjoy healthy snacks such as our yummy Nakd berry bars, balancing out the natural sugars with additional nuts.
• Have a balanced diet with 25% protein, 25% starchy carbs and 50% salad or veg.
• Try to have wholegrain carbs (pasta, rice, bread) instead of their white counterparts.
• Incorporating more protein into your meals helps to balance the effect of glucose.
• While fruit is most definitely good, try to avoid eating too much as they are high in natural sugars.
• Limit processed foods as they often have hidden sugars.
• Try not to have too many drinks containing caffeine. Replacing hot drinks with green tea is still a great way to get that hug from a mug without the caffeine.
• Exercise! By keeping active for just 20 minutes a day (even just a brisk walk) can help control blood glucose levels.
• Stay calm and avoid stress!


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