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Balancing your blood glucose

Blood Glucose

We have all heard of and probably experienced ‘sugar rush’, that giddy feeling you get after a session of fizzy drinks, sweets, or chocolates. Well, what energy goes up must always come down, which is why many find themselves experiencing fluctuating energy levels on a day full of sugary foods. Healthy snacks are a great way of controlling and regulating blood glucose levels, this is an excellent means to normalise your energy levels, and is an imperative practice for diabetics.

The rollercoaster of energy

There are certain substances which release glucose rapidly into the bloodstream which includes refined carbohydrates like white flour, biscuits and sugar.

  1. The Steep Incline - These foods bring on a sudden short-term burst of energy.
  2. The Drop - This incline is trumped by the prompt release of insulin which lowers blood glucose levels. This brings on feelings of a lethargic, irritable nature which leads to lack of concentration.  
  3. The Re-emergence - Due to this plummet, the adrenal glands then distribute adrenalin as a booster which pushes the blood glucose back up.

As you can see, glucose levels experience a real rollercoaster ride of highs and lows in the company of sugary food and drinks.

Taking control of your glucose levels

So, how do we go about leveling out this stomach-churning rollercoaster ride? Well, here are a few tips:

  • Eat regularly – this helps stabilise blood glucose levels
  • Try your hand at healthy snacks like our delicious Nakd Apricot Crunch bar which pairs natural sugars with chewy nuts, this mix helps bring balance to your glucose levels
  • Section and keep to a balanced diet made up of roughly 25% starchy carbs, 25% protein, and 50% salad or veg
  • Invest in wholegrain carbs such as pasta, rice or bread instead of their regular white alternatives
  • Include an increased amount of protein in your meals to stabilise the effect of glucose
  • Eat fruit sparingly – they’re incredibly good for you but are high in natural sugars
  • Try to reduce the amount of processed foods you consume as many have sugary stowaways
  • Attempt to lower your caffeine intake, replace some of your hot drinks with a cup of green tea instead!
  • Get yourself into an exercise routine – 20 minutes a day will do the trick, even if it’s just a swift walk – this helps grasp control of blood glucose levels
  • Alleviate your stress levels and learn how to harness calmness. You can start with our fantastic stress relief tips.

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