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Beating the winter blues

Beating Winter Blues

With the glorious summer months now a distant memory, the colder weather and darker nights start to become all too familiar for our liking. Well that’s no reason to feel down! Sure, it’s cold and wet but why should that hold you back? Wrap up warm and get out there! However, if you do find the weather giving you the greys here are some things you can do to lift your spirits.

Keep moving

Exercise is truly one of the great healers of life. Not only does it get you healthy and keep your body in shape but also brightens your mind by helping to raise feel-good serotonin chemicals. For some people, finding time to squeeze exercise into any day can be tough, let alone first thing on a chilly morning. If you can’t bring yourself to go for something so involved, perhaps skip a bus or tube stop on your way to work and walk instead which can clear your sleepy head.

Eat well

Winter is all about comfort eating but eating the wrong things can lead to weight gain, especially if you aren’t exercising as much. Eating a rich variety of fruits and vegetables will not only help you maintain your weight but also maintain your immune system because of their levels of vitamins and minerals.

Remain a social butterfly

Ok, so you aren’t exactly going to be organising a picnic in the park, but making the effort to be social and see friends and family can go a long way to beat the blues. Staying at home watching the telly can be nice from time to time but why not call up some people and go to a lovely cozy café or art gallery instead.

Make your home brighter

Getting as much natural light you can is crucial in your battle against the winter blues. Open up those curtains and rearrange your room so the sun can shine through in all its glory! Put up some colourful posters or paintings and keep some plants around to further lighten things up.

Invest in your bedroom

Being in bed on a winter’s day is one of the cosiest things in the world – the problem is that this makes it even harder to get up in the mornings!  You’re tired, it’s cold and you have a day ahead full of stressful tasks you’d rather snooze away. Beat the morning trap by investing in a dawn simulation alarm clock or florescent lamp with a timer which gradually switches on before your alarm. This method helps by simulating a gradual sunrise, sending a message to your brain to stop producing the sleep hormone melatonin and helping you feel fresher when it’s time to wake up.

Embrace the season

Winter isn’t all bad! Think about lovely hot chocolate, roaring fireplaces and awesome comfort food such as pies and veggie stews. Some things are never enjoyed more than in winter, so next time you feel the blues flip it on its head and get stuck into something you know will lift your spirits. For some recipe ideas, see below!


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