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Cooking up a healthy BBQ

Cooking a Healthy Vegan BBQ - Natural Balance Foods

BBQs are fantastic for getting people out in the open whether in the garden, on holiday or camping in the lovely countryside. There are many ways to add a healthy spin on the occasion so you can lap up your tasty barbecued goods without the guilt. Here are a few healthy ingredients and cooking tips to take to your next BBQ event.

Vegetable Mix

Foil is your friend at veggie BBQs, packaging up a selection of ingredients in a neat bundle allows the flavours to mingle whilst still gaining that irresistible chargrilled flavour. This incredibly easy process is applicable to a whole range of combinations; aubergine, courgettes, peppers, tomatoes, red onion work particularly well as do additions of garlic, rosemary, thyme or basil. Drizzle a little olive oil on the foil, throw in your ingredients and seasoning - then cook until it gains that crunchy yet soft texture. 


Tofu works incredibly well on a BBQ, being particularly delicious after being grilled. You’ll guarantee maximum flavour by marinating your tofu prior to cooking which will serve up a whole host of flavours for your guests – whether it be spicy, garlic or fragrant you choose!


Mushrooms are widely adored by many from vegans through to meat-eaters, so are often considered a terrific feat in the smoky midst of a BBQ. There are a few ways to rustle up these beauties - they’re fantastic on skewers after being drizzled and dusted with some garlic and other seasonings; baby mushrooms are ideal for this. However, if you find yourself with larger flat mushrooms in your arsenal then simply season the entire thing with garlic, thyme and rosemary using oil to latch and mix it together. 


Again, foil can be used as a useful tool especially with new potatoes, lather up your hearty spuds with oil and rosemary before allowing them to cook up over the heat. The same method can be applied to sweet potatoes with chilli exchanged for rosemary. If you want to create delicious potato slices then simply take your baking potato and cut four slits 3/4s of the way down, add oil, salt and pepper before wrapping it in foil and placing on the BBQ.

Grilling Fruit

There are a variety of different fruits which lends well to the BBQ, most of which serve up as an excellent sweet treat at the end of proceedings. Watermelon is notable for being particularly delicious after a few turns on the BBQ with a spruce of zesty seasoning (in particular lime and a dash of pepper) elsewhere peaches, bananas and plums also adapt well to the grill – just wrap them in foil before cooking.


Peppers are a great base for a healthy BBQ harnessing many beneficial qualities which you can find more on here. A great way to BBQ peppers is to prep by cutting them in half through the centre and filling up its hollow shells with some seasoning and other nutritional goodies. Seeds, quinoa, beans, pine nuts, tomatoes make for great contents whilst herbs such as parsley, basil and garlic give the peppers a flavoursome twist.    


This might sound crazy, but did you know our delicious TREK bars turn from their usual crunchy texture into an indulgent soft cookie-like consistency after being heated for a while? The BBQ is the perfect place to do it, especially as the embers are dying down towards the end of the evening. We recommend using our TREK Peanut Power - it feels like a delicious dessert but packs in all your protein and goodness to round off the event in style. 


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