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Grow Vegetables

There's nothing quite like preparing a meal and knowing that some of the ingredients have come right from your own garden with a completely natural and organic journey from seed to plate.  Growing your own vegetables is actually a lot easier than you may think and is great fun as a little project, as well as guaranteeing the freshest produce around!

All it takes is some space, decent soil, sunshine, water and a little bit of care to see some amazing results. At Natural Balance Foods, we are all about keeping things simple and natural which is why we want to share some easy to grow vegetables for your garden.

Mixed Salad Leaves

The staple of many healthy snacks and meals, salad leaves are crunchy, tasty, light and versatile. Salad leaves grow faster than many other types of veggies (in about 3 weeks!) and thrive during the summer months, but can also grow in August and September if there is still sufficient sunshine. The best thing about salad leaves is that there are so many different types with different textures and flavours which means you can experiment to create some amazing salads.

Peas, Please!

Peas are a low-maintenance crop that really give you a lot for your effort. You can pluck them out of the ground and eat them raw, have them with lovely roasts, salads or just about anything else. Peas take a little longer at around 14 weeks but are quite trouble free, enjoying cooler weather and giving you a decent hit of vitamin C and fibre.

Radical Radishes

Spicy, crunchy and loaded with flavour, radishes are great with a salad or as a cooked ingredient in a number of dishes such as stir fries and casseroles. You don’t need a green thumb to grow radishes as they are simple to grow in containers and garden plots. Ready in just three weeks, their flavour depends on the heat of the soil – cooler months will have a milder flavour whilst summer heat brings out their spicy side.

Onions and Garlic

Among the more popular supporting acts to many meals, onions and garlic are almost completely maintenance free and very easy to grow. Simply plant your garlic cloves or onion bulbs onto well-drained soil in the Spring or Autumn and leave them to grow for up to 15 weeks until they are good and ready. Leave them to dry and go to town!

The above are just a few of the easy to grow vegetables out there – check out your local garden centre who will have all kinds of seeds and ingredients to get you started on your road to fresh, honest food. Check out our healthy living section for more lifestyle tips and get in touch if you have any gardening tips to share!


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