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Have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions?

New Years Resolution

 New Year’s resolutions are a funny one; we make them with the best intentions and may even stick to them for a few weeks or months before real life takes over and we settle back into our old ways. For many of us the resolutions most likely revolved around things like improving our diet, losing weight, exercising more or taking part in more social activities; but have we been sticking to them?

Well, here we are in March, a few months on from ‘day zero’ of our new and improved lives. We thought we’d check in and see if you’ve managed to stick to your goals, or your efforts are starting to fray. For those of you still at it, well done! For those who are slipping, no worries! Here are a few ways to stay motivated: 

Why were you doing it in the first place?

Were you looking to eat less junk, drink less alcohol or make lots of new friends? Think about the reasons you wanted to make a
change in the first place, and whether or not things have changed or the better. If you’ve achieved what you set out to do, that’s brilliant! Keep going and things will get better still. If you’ve not quite managed to hit your targets or stick to the resolution, try again. We hate to get all tough-love on you, but you’re the only one who can make things happen!

It’s just another day!

The reason why resolutions happen on New Year’s is because it’s seen as a chance to start again; New Year, new beginning. The truth is that whilst this works on a symbolic level, you can actually change yourself any day you want! It could be a Tuesday in March, or a Sunday in August! Think of it more as a catalyst for change, rather than the jumping-off point. If you fall off the resolution wagon, you can get back on any time.

Get some support

Chances are that you chatted with friends, family and co-workers about your resolutions, so encourage them to help keep you on track. They can give you a friendly nag when you’re about to snaffle a donut or are skipping the gym because you’re tired. You don’t have to do it alone!

Celebrate the successes

Changing your lifestyle is no mean feat - It’s not going to happen overnight. Instead, focus on the small victories each time you resist the urge to have that cigarette or attend a new activity. Tackling too many things at once can put you off, and looking at the long term can seem daunting. Take each day as it comes and before you know it, you’re living your resolution.

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