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There are apps for everything nowadays and one area that has become increasingly popular (other than chucking birds at pigs) are apps that that help to keep your health, diet and fitness goals on track! So where do you start as there are literally 1000’s of them?

Well in order to decide which apps are best for you, you must first decide what you want one for? What’s most important for you? Our buddies at Hillmotts are here to give you some ideas of some great healthy apps:

Recipes - Good Food Healthy Recipes for iPad by BBC Worldwide 

Don't despair if the information you find makes you reassess your recipes— that just means it's time to find new ones! Dive right in to Good Food Healthy Recipes' collection of healthy and lower calorie dishes. The app includes a calorie count for each recipe, so you know exactly what you're eating. The broad range of recipes for every course means you won't need to go elsewhere to find new favourites. In fact, it even has a few ideas to recreate your favourite in a healthier way.

For Runners - MapMyRUN GPS Running

MapMyRUN is a fantastic app for those of you that are keen runners: it tracks and logs your distance and pace, can calculate calories and even your nutrition intake. Discover new running routes with the app’s built-in map and off you go!

Symptom Checking - WebMD

WebMD provides useful health information anytime, anywhere even without an Internet connection. Its comprehensive key features include Symptom Checker, Conditions, Drugs and Treatments, Pill Identification Tool, First Aid Essentials and Local Health Listings. Of course, if you’re feeling poorly a visit to an actual health professional is always best, but this is a good starting point.

Tracking Sleeping Habits - SleepCycle

Feeling great starts with sleeping great. SleepCycle works by tracking your movement while sleeping to figure out your sleep cycles. It then uses that data to wake you up at the end of a cycle making you feel more rested and alert. It also tracks quality of sleep over time and gives you a cool graph that shows your movements throughout the night!

Tracking Calories & Diet – MyFitnessPal

Looking to lose weight? There are plenty of diets promising to help you do just that, but it all boils out to simple arithmetic: calories in, calories out. So you need to pay attention to how many calories you’re eating and how many you’re expending. The MyFitnessPal calorie counter and diet tracker helps you do just that, with a database of over three million foods to help you keep track of how much food you’re really eating.

For Vegans - Vegan Delish

Take your vegetarian cooking one step further with this app, which offers shopping lists and step-by-step instructions for over 130 plant-based recipes. Not only are the recipes vegan, they are also gluten free and include little or no oil, salt, or added sugars. Recipes include zucchini corn fritters, hummus, pizza, quinoa salad, and more.

Keeping Your Mind Young! - Braingle

This app has the world's largest collection of brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, mind puzzles, and optical illusions from It’s packed with more than 15,000 brain teasers, and more are added daily. Customize your own favourites list and download the teasers so you can exercise your cognitive skills even when you’re offline.



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