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Healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

When it comes to healthy breakfast ideas, sometimes the healthiest option is to make your own. This recipe for delicious homemade muesli has buckwheat in it.

Gluten free diet alert: buckwheat has absolutely nothing to do with “wheat”! In fact these two plants are not even remotely similar! Buckwheat, like Quinoa, is a “seed” (actually the seed of the buckwheat flower), as opposed to being a grain, but can be eaten in the same way as other cereal grains. It is a wonderful nutrient-rich food that is so simple to use. It is mineral-rich, gluten-free, and is also high in antioxidant “flavonoids” – particularly rutin, known for its health-enhancing qualities, and its benefits to skin health. This is a delicious, fruity, energy-rich, healthy breakfast.

Healthy breakfast ingredients: what you’ll need

  • 100g buckwheat groats soaked overnight
  • 30g almonds (soaked overnight)
  • 30g raisins
  • I orange (peeled and segmented)
  • ½ apple (chopped)

How to prepare

Place all the ingredients into a food processor, and pulse/blend until smooth, but still with some chunks. Serve into 2 bowls and garnish with the remaining apple (sliced) and a sprinkling of raisins or our tasty Nakd nibbles.

Homemade cereal - nutrient breakdown

(per serving)

  • 362 calories
  • 10g fat
  • 10g protein
  • 63g CHO
  • 9g fibre

This dish is particularly rich in the minerals magnesium and potassium, and also contains iron, calcium, all the B vitamins (except B12), vitamins C and E, antioxidants selenium, manganese, and rutin, and has good levels of fibre, so a perfect meal to maintain good bowel health. As healthy breakfast ideas go, this one is a no brainer.



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