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Healthy Eating and Exercise For Busy Lifestyles

Busy Lifestyles

Many of us aim to carve out and remain loyal to an exercise schedule but we often find ourselves short of that most sought-after commodity - time. Sometimes it just seems impossible to jam anything else into your busy schedule – we’re here to highlight the spots which can be best utilised for the benefit of exercise or healthy eating.

Healthy Eating

Prepare your lunch the night before

A lot of dietry tips for busy lifestyles are born out of preparation – it allows us to retain control over the food we consume throughout the day rather than random lunchtime selections which more often than not leans in the favour of processed and salty meal deals. Try and cook up your dinner and lunch simultaneously. This allows you to take out two meals in one and ultimately saves time. Be sure your lunch is packed with protein and nutrients - check out our lovely lunches recipe category to discover some excellent ideas for your lunchbox.

Speedy Breakfasts

Many people have cottoned onto the trend of eating breakfast at your desks when you get to work, however, it is in fact more beneficial to consume food as soon as you wake up –in the first hour of waking up to be precise. Eating sooner rather than later enables you to boost your metabolism and raise your naturally low sugar levels upon waking – in return, this generally keeps you energised for a longer period of time.

If you do carry on keeping to your desk routine, be sure to at least fill that void between arising and breakfasting with a little something, be it a quick smoothie (check out our TREK Vegan Protein Shake) or a pre-prepared breakfast dish; our Nakd Strawberry Overnight Oats are to die for!


Our TREK Bars and Nakd Bars are ideal office snacks being portable in size and available in bulk. Explore each range in order to find your flavour, our current favourites are the new range of TREK Protein Energy Chunks which includes a whopping 12g of protein in every pack and our delicious range of Nakd Posh Bits; playfully poshed-up yummy fruits and nuts with rich, dark cocoa!  


Get up earlier

One of the easiest ways to create more time from thin air is by getting up a little earlier than usual. Exercising early in the morning offers you a variety of benefits including the promotion of endorphins which tend to stick around throughout the day, it’s also been proven to equip people with enhanced focus and productivity. Click here for more details on the subject.

Head to our 5 mood boosting morning rituals for more ideas on exercise and how to best utilise your mornings.

Transforming your commute into a workout

Is your commute to work/college/university achievable by running shoe or bike? If so, then perhaps consider feeding this into your routine – it doesn’t even have to be for the entirety of the journey, perhaps there’s a part of your journey which cuts into a park or some green space which could be best used to facilitate exercise. Not only will you reap the benefits of the exercise itself, but you might also cut down on the expense of travel and transport. Bonus!

Workout at lunchtime

First of all, refrain from working out at both lunchtime and breakfast time – the last thing you want to do is overdo it! Working out at lunchtime provides you with that top-up and booster of energy which allows your animated morning to continue into the afternoon. Working out at this time reduces stress with the presence of endorphins which can be particularly useful on a trying day at the office. For further advice, here are some tips on how to use your work breaks effectively.


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